Bad habits in children and their prevention

Introduction the Problem of harmful habits in children is very important these days. Now the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs in the world characterized by huge numbers. This affects all the society, but primarily threatened the younger generation: children, adolescents, youth and the health of future mothers. After all, bad habit especially actively affect the immature organism, gradually destroying it.

The obvious dangers of alcohol. Proven that ingestion of alcohol into the body, it is carried by the blood to all organs and adversely affects them until the destruction.

The systematic use of alcohol develops a dangerous disease – alcoholism. Alcoholism is dangerous to human health, but it is curable, and many other diseases.

But the main problem is that the majority of alcohol products manufactured by non-state enterprises, contains large amounts of toxic substances. Substandard products often lead to poisoning and even deaths.

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First medical examination of the child

Within twenty-four hours after birth, neonates are the first medical examination. Ask permission to be present at it. You learn a lot about the body

her newborn and will understand that the doctor checks. Let’s go through the first check your baby from head to toe.

Your doctor is your first impression about the General health of your child, just by looking at him. He was born preterm, post-term, or just in time? Is he in the position of the frog that indicates good muscle tone? Attentive if he is active, pink, healthy, and normal breathing?

Then, your doctor examines the child’s head to ensure there are no anomalies, and can provide you all perfectly normal bumps and seals on the head of a newborn. Soft whether flat springs? Measured coverage of the head and compared to the norm, to check, proportional if the baby’s head the length of its body and weight.

Positiv flashlight into the eyes of a child, your doctor checks cataract (lens opacity) or internal diseases of the eye. Normal size eyes? Your doctor will reassure you that a few broken capillaries in the whites of your child’s eyes will disappear in a few weeks. (Sometimes swollen eyelids of a newborn baby hamper a thorough eye examination, Continue reading

How to safely gather in the morning in the garden

Wake up and get out of bed, wash and brush teeth, get dressed and have time to eat, assemble the portfolio and do not forget to change, time to get out of the house – here is a minimal list of morning “feats” for the child. But for older students this list is much longer – to do exercises, take a shower, walk the dog, feed the fish… I want to do that morning had turned into a continuous stress?

Why is it important

Often the morning in the house turns into a nightmare! The child is cranky, not wanting to gather in the kindergarten or school, mum in a hurry nervous, taking it out on the child, and dad silently rolls his eyes, wishing I could be somewhere far away from the epicenter morning fights… In the end, everything ran late, and the mood at all was worse.

But then, as the child will spend the morning at home, can determine the mood of the rest of the day. Children coming to school when you are relaxed, feeling full and satisfied, will be able to derive the greatest benefit from school activities.

Studies show that morning quarrel with children hindered the ability to work in normal mode and even increase the risk of unpleasant incidents at work. Therefore, adults too will feel much better if, instead of swearing Continue reading

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Child six or seven years
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