how to keep the love between husband and wife

To fall in love, get married, start a family is much easier than to keep all these goods. The love between husband and wife over time is transformed, passing from one stage to another, but the memories of the feeling generated at the first meeting, make you think, if something goes wrong. Marriage is not heavy daily routine and lifestyle, which is kind of broken “family boat”, not caring for my newborn baby and the dangers on the career ladder. The hardest part is continuing every day to choose each other and strive, above all, to give without thinking about how to take. Male, 12 years old have been married, a father of five children, says that he and his wife learned about family relationships and love.

12 lessons learned in 12 years of marriage

Husband, father of four daughters and a son decided to tell about the most important lessons he has acquired over 12 years of marriage.

In 12 years of marriage my wife and I have seen a lot. We got married before I graduated from College. Soon started their first child. I graduated from College. A new child. Two miscarriages. Four more children. When he was born the youngest, we had five kids under the age of 8 years. He owned four houses. Rented a house and an apartment anywhere Continue reading

The Influence of television on preschool children

What is so dangerous watching TV or video programs pre-school children? What happens to the child when he is watching a cartoon on TV or “educational drive” on your computer screen?

The first reason is physiological.

We know that during the first years of a child’s life eye is growing rapidly. Visual analyzer Matures only by 7-8 years. And therefore, in the first years of life of a preschooler and his eyesight is very vulnerable.

In order to clearly see the image, the visual system of the child is strained. This happens unconsciously and imperceptibly, and does not depend on our will, viewing distance, lighting, and other factors. When viewed constantly moving images on the screen the child’s eyes are constantly strained. And if this voltage occurs frequently or for a long period of time, the compensatory potential of the organ of vision can no longer restrain future violations.

The findings of all physiologists and physicians is very simple and categorical. To four, and preferably five years of age children is generally not recommended to watch TV and computer video programs. And the reason is not only eye strain, Continue reading

A Husband or children. Who in the first place?

Today I will reveal you the secret of a happy wife. The secret is very simple: the husband in a woman’s life is in the first place .

Unfortunately, women with this secret do not own or know nothing about him, so not very many people manage to build a happy relationship with her husband.

Quarrels replace scandals. This ends the alienation at best, and at worst a divorce.

Why there are problems in the family? Because that woman wrong priorities . Today women are torn between children, work, career, home, their parents, the expectation that the husband will understand employment and appreciate women’s efforts, and her husband not only do not appreciate, but also offended and spoils our life, which we’ve arranged.

Every woman dreams to have a happy family, a loving husband, children, beautiful, cozy house, and at some point we women, put the very idea of the family in the first place, and the husband becomes merely a means . by which we achieve this goal.

We get married and have children, educate them, encourage them in a thousand circles, working for the good of our family, are all in the house and at some point forget about Continue reading

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