Spiritual upbringing of children in the family

Every parent wants his child to grow up the most capable, the most happy, the most-most. And for this father and mother are working hard trying to give the child all the best, all what they believe is right. But if to look truth in the eye: we see less and less in modern children kindness, tolerance, love. Most of them have selfish goals in life. And for the sake of achieving their goals, they are willing to trample their brothers. This behavior is more characteristic of savages and animals than for human beings.

The question arises by itself – maybe not to that we teach our children . Maybe not the goals we tell them? The wrong way sending? In the gospel of Matthew says: ” can a good tree bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. ” (Matt.7:18) If

think logically, if our “fruits” – the lean, mean, and parents (wood) isn’t good? And instead reflect on the methods of child-rearing, only the older generation criticizes the youth. I suggest that instead of condemning to try to change the attitudes and learn the basics of the spiritual education of our descendants, unless of course you want your child to grow up decent, Continue reading

how to keep the love between husband and wife

To fall in love, get married, start a family is much easier than to keep all these goods. The love between husband and wife over time is transformed, passing from one stage to another, but the memories of the feeling generated at the first meeting, make you think, if something goes wrong. Marriage is not heavy daily routine and lifestyle, which is kind of broken “family boat”, not caring for my newborn baby and the dangers on the career ladder. The hardest part is continuing every day to choose each other and strive, above all, to give without thinking about how to take. Male, 12 years old have been married, a father of five children, says that he and his wife learned about family relationships and love.

12 lessons learned in 12 years of marriage

Husband, father of four daughters and a son decided to tell about the most important lessons he has acquired over 12 years of marriage.

In 12 years of marriage my wife and I have seen a lot. We got married before I graduated from College. Soon started their first child. I graduated from College. A new child. Two miscarriages. Four more children. When he was born the youngest, we had five kids under the age of 8 years. He owned four houses. Rented a house and an apartment anywhere Continue reading

The Role of communication in the mental development of the child

Personality, it is only in their relations with others, and only with them does this, by remark E. V. Ilyenkov, “a specific ensemble of the social qualities of human individuality”. Apparently, there is some truth in the fact that the formation of the inner world of man is inextricably linked with communication.

The most important thesis of L. S. Vygotsky that all higher mental functions are initially formed as external, that is, those in which is involved not one but at least two subjects. And they only gradually become internal, turn from “interpsychic” in the “intrapsychic” (Vygotsky, 1983). Child development is understood as the process of assigning children socio-historical experience of previous generations of humanity. The experience is described of the kind embodied in the products of material and spiritual culture of people, but it is hidden in them in such a way that directly it cannot be seen — the new generation can remove it only with the help of seniors, who from this point of view are living bearers of universal experience (D. B. Elkonin, 19786). Communication with older for a small child is the only possible context in which he perceivesand “assigns” produced by people earlier. That is why communication is the main factor of General mental development of children. It is important to emphasize that communication plays a crucial role not only in enriching the content of the mind of a child, defines indirect structure specifically human mental processes. Continue reading

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how to keep the love between husband and wife
To fall in love, get married, start a family is much easier than to keep all these goods. The love between husband and wife over time is transformed, passing from…

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Questionnaires for teachers and parents during diagnosis of a child with unconstructive behavior Kindergarten
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