The Role of communication in the mental development of the child

Personality, it is only in their relations with others, and only with them does this, by remark E. V. Ilyenkov, “a specific ensemble of the social qualities of human individuality”. Apparently, there is some truth in the fact that the formation of the inner world of man is inextricably linked with communication.

The most important thesis of L. S. Vygotsky that all higher mental functions are initially formed as external, that is, those in which is involved not one but at least two subjects. And they only gradually become internal, turn from “interpsychic” in the “intrapsychic” (Vygotsky, 1983). Child development is understood as the process of assigning children socio-historical experience of previous generations of humanity. The experience is described of the kind embodied in the products of material and spiritual culture of people, but it is hidden in them in such a way that directly it cannot be seen — the new generation can remove it only with the help of seniors, who from this point of view are living bearers of universal experience (D. B. Elkonin, 19786). Communication with older for a small child is the only possible context in which he perceivesand “assigns” produced by people earlier. That is why communication is the main factor of General mental development of children. It is important to emphasize that communication plays a crucial role not only in enriching the content of the mind of a child, defines indirect structure specifically human mental processes. Continue reading

Children after parents divorce

Fear of animals

Fear of doctors, injections

The attitude of the teacher

Fear of the dark

The fear of cold

Psychosomatics parents ‘ Divorce

Don’t want to learn

I’m afraid to be alone

The fear of public speaking

Communication with peers

I don’t like Crisis 3 years

Parental divorce always affects the child. Even babies feel the discord between mom and dad. And children older than 3 years are particularly acute.

Faith (7 years) and Luba (5 years) – sisters, though very different in character. Faith is calm, reasonable, and considerate. and the younger Luba – artistic, lively and noisy. Not so long ago, parents of girls after numerous quarrels decided to divorce. My daughter along with her mother moved to her hometown. Continue reading

Men and women in the family

View of the future spouse already occur in children, and quite early. Stanislawska, I. G. and M. V. Zakharov (1998) revealed their presence already at 10-year-old girls who believed that the husband should be kind, attentive, sociable and smart.

While two thirds of respondents were evaluated and modeled future spouse or partner more like close friends than his father. V. E. Kagan (1987) studied the way of the future spouses in middle and high schools. At first this image was not yet sufficiently differentiated.

In the image of the ideal wife boys first place is the love of her husband (76 %), followed by motherhood and raising children (41 %), household characteristics (29 %) and emotional symptoms (warmth, kindness) – 29 %. All these responses fit into the traditional model of a woman “wife, mother and homemaker”.

Among high school students revealed a clear idea of what should be husband and wife. In boys the emotional attitude was attributed more to his wife than to the husband; the latter was attributed more strong-willed qualities, business activity, dominance and less sociability. The same view was available Continue reading

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