A Diary of the school of adoptive parents

This spring I visited my first school of adoptive parents. I decided to summarized the information and publish it on the forum specifically for those who cannot visit the PDS (for example, not all regions it is available).

For his countrymen – Volgograd explain: the School of adoptive parents is located. A total of 4 classes. It is useful to attend themselves.

The first lesson was devoted to the following topic:

– The reasons for the adoption of children in substitute families.

– Types of family units and their differences.

– The requirements of the legislation to the candidates.

– Preparing families and communities for adoption of the child (an issue we do not have time to consider on the first day).

I must say: do not be afraid to go to school for foster parents. At least today, the atmosphere was very friendly. The lesson was conducted by the specialist in children’s rights protection and child psychologist. The attitude of the leaders of the group– very correct. Were the agreed Continue reading

The Influence of television on preschool children

What is so dangerous watching TV or video programs pre-school children? What happens to the child when he is watching a cartoon on TV or “educational drive” on your computer screen?

The first reason is physiological.

We know that during the first years of a child’s life eye is growing rapidly. Visual analyzer Matures only by 7-8 years. And therefore, in the first years of life of a preschooler and his eyesight is very vulnerable.

In order to clearly see the image, the visual system of the child is strained. This happens unconsciously and imperceptibly, and does not depend on our will, viewing distance, lighting, and other factors. When viewed constantly moving images on the screen the child’s eyes are constantly strained. And if this voltage occurs frequently or for a long period of time, the compensatory potential of the organ of vision can no longer restrain future violations.

The findings of all physiologists and physicians is very simple and categorical. To four, and preferably five years of age children is generally not recommended to watch TV and computer video programs. And the reason is not only eye strain, Continue reading

First medical examination of the child

Within twenty-four hours after birth, neonates are the first medical examination. Ask permission to be present at it. You learn a lot about the body

her newborn and will understand that the doctor checks. Let’s go through the first check your baby from head to toe.

Your doctor is your first impression about the General health of your child, just by looking at him. He was born preterm, post-term, or just in time? Is he in the position of the frog that indicates good muscle tone? Attentive if he is active, pink, healthy, and normal breathing?

Then, your doctor examines the child’s head to ensure there are no anomalies, and can provide you all perfectly normal bumps and seals on the head of a newborn. Soft whether flat springs? Measured coverage of the head and compared to the norm, to check, proportional if the baby’s head the length of its body and weight.

Positiv flashlight into the eyes of a child, your doctor checks cataract (lens opacity) or internal diseases of the eye. Normal size eyes? Your doctor will reassure you that a few broken capillaries in the whites of your child’s eyes will disappear in a few weeks. (Sometimes swollen eyelids of a newborn baby hamper a thorough eye examination, Continue reading

The Role of communication in the mental development of the child
Personality, it is only in their relations with others, and only with them does this, by remark E. V. Ilyenkov, "a specific ensemble of the social qualities of human individuality".…

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Newborn baby too much crying
What is the meaning of the cry of your child? If besides. this is your first baby, then this issue will be particularly exciting. The child grows, and you will…

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Unconditional love for children
– Mom, do you love me? – when a child asks, wanting to see the feelings of very close people. – Of course! – responsible mother, and this is true…

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