Teach children the Russian language

If You decide to teach your child Russian, You must follow the following rules.

Be ready at once, You must not only speak to the child in Russian, You have to put a lot of effort to reach Delhi. Need to spend time on classes and reading books, patiently to solve problems, to spend money on books and movies, to explain to others that You are not going to hurt them, You just teach the child the language. You have to be picky, but “not to overreact”. Are you ready for this?

Here is the paradox: it is necessary to teach playing, but not flirting with a child. If You can do just fine! Not psychological problems, will not claim to the system of teaching (which often, if the teacher hiring), there will be problems with time and place, and it will always be possible to control the degree of fatigue of a small apprentice and respond to force majeure (something…).

Thus, the principles of training:

A realistic assessment of opportunities

If Your child has language problems ( read more here ), it is not necessary to download it a second language. At least until then, until he learns the language that is important in his life.


Whatever form of training You choose, follow it constantly. Children can learn the language and in the chaos, but the presence of a certain order will make the task easier for them and for You. Study regularly and systematically, always compare games and activities with age-the child’s abilities. No need to overload it because he can’t do.

Measure and understanding.

– Do not press on the child, try to keep the classes were aroused by the pleasure that he was waiting for the next class.

– Do not interrupt the child, let me Express my opinion. Don’t interrupt even when he made a mistake. Don’t need to focus on the errors that the child makes. Gently correct him after he said it. As long as the child spoke.

– In any case not to ridicule your child’s mistakes. If what he said is really funny, and You are sure that the child will understand why this is funny, You can laugh together. But focus – you laugh together, not because . he said stupid things, but because it accidentally sounded funny. If baby is having fun, laughing, that means he got everything right, but if signs of fun is not observed, it is not necessary to experiment more.


– Do not be lazy to explain to the child what he did not understand, particularly of obscure words and phrases from the books. Do not be lazy to check whether he understood.

– Remember, it is very likely that one day Your child won’t want to learn Russian. He will pressure You, so that You have switched to “easy” language. Be prepared to resist it. Yes, at some point, the kids protest. But this is not the first and not the last protest. With other You cope. Look for ways to solve this problem. Agree to play his favorite game is only in Russian. Keep pretending that You only understand English (even if he knows that other You and not understand Russian), report that it will be Your secret language. In General, look for what will suit Your child.

Do not go for the easier understanding to another language. Be patient and persistent

Is your speech.

Your speech is for the child only source of Russian language. Accordingly, it should be clear, precise and correct.

Do not mix the languages, otherwise the child will not understand that to which language refers. When each parent speaks to the child in only one language, the confusion does not happen, the kid always knows what to say. And what parents say among themselves, not too little touches: they only respond to the words addressed directly to him.

When You speak Russian, in any case do not mix words from a second language!

Not Lisp with the baby and not to indulge his “child” speech. It interferes with his speech development and deprives him of the opportunity to hear correct it. Don’t forget, he will teach Russian as You say.

The earlier the better.

The younger the child, the more chances he has to master a second language as fully as possible and with natural pronunciation and intonation (in contrast to the adult, restrained complexes, afraid to make a mistake, don’t remember new words). Start talking with the child in the Russian language from infancy, paying more attention to his language development as it Matures.

Nurture love for the Russian language

Many emigrants from Russia are embarrassed to talk with their children in English in public places. Resorting to the warped language of their adopted country, they seem to show the child that their speech is defective, and at the same time losing its credibility, and status of the native language. Needless to say, be ashamed of their native language should not be.

What if You are on the street? No matter what around foreigners, You should speak to the child in Russian. But if You are at this moment talking with a local? But if it’s Your foreign mother-in-law? But if You went to a local doctor or another specialist? You have to set the rules, You and the child the lady say, but with each other only in Russian. Try to explain it to others, prepare for what You will have to translate for them all, said to the child. Exceptions can only be done in extreme cases (doctor visit, for example) and they must be agreed with the child in advance.

One only dialogue with the child a little

The child should be regularly read books in their native language, sing songs, and most importantly – play and deal with it. He need to communicate in English with other children ( see friends on the forum ), because, absorbed in the game very much. Very good to give the child the opportunity to learn to read and write in their native language.

Please note! If You meet with other Russian-speaking children and parents, don’t forget that in the game the children will move to a “friendly” language. Don’t get carried away with conversations with friends, watch periodically, the language in which children communicate among themselves and do not leave them to play alone. Participate in their games as possible!

Praise your child, even if You yourself have so far overlooked.

The main thing is to start as soon as possible and don’t be discouraged if the result is not as we would like. Remember! CAN NOT BE FORCED! Parents should be very careful to instill a love for the Russian language.

Do not start violence, and should not continue as an obligation. Want to teach Russian, try to make learning interesting! And in order to help You in the hard way, and was created by my site!

If, however, it seems that for some reason on the role of the strict but fair teacher, You don’t pull, don’t despair, there are plenty of other options: tutoring, children’s centres, language courses. If this is not possible, just they speak Russian. At least the children will understand the language. Still the same result.

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