The Pedagogical suggestion children

In the course of human life, hearing, vision, mental utterance of the words sotii thousand times associated with the direct action of irritants. And so the word can act as a direct irritant, which it replaces. So, the word “cold” can cause in the brain, each with a complex range of memories and associations connected with the influence of cold on the body, and the word “pain” is associated with the corresponding unpleasant sensations. However, in normal circumstances most people have the physiological effect of such random words slightly, few people will tremble and will be covered with “goose bumps” or cry out in pain, hearing these words. But the word that this person was associated in his mind with some deep, personally affecting his emotion, always may cause effects that can surpass any expectations. Hear this word, people will either laugh with joy, his heart is beating hard and fast, pinkish cheeks, eyes sparkle, or, conversely, will osunade, pale, feel cold hands and feet, and heart… there is nothing to say, everyone knows how far the influence of emotional factors on the heart.

Susceptibility to the effects of the word, or suggestibility, as shown by hypnology in the last century, is a property inherent in the people. Hypnology noticed that this property increases significantly when a person is in a state of hypnosis.

Suggestion called deeply impressive verbal and emotional influence on the human psyche, provided by another person, persons or circumstances. Autosuggestion is called a similar effect on the mental state of the person, if it comes from him.

Every human life is full of diverse experiences, often very strongly acting on thoughts and feelings. Typically, these impacts are subject to strict control of the mind and only under his control can be the impetus for a certain act or reason for a particular conclusion, opinion, opinion. Therefore, these actions, conclusions, views and opinions can be called reasonable, properly orienting the person to the world around him. Usually they are in agreement with the General system of thoughts and feelings of the person.

Suggestion deeply affects the human psyche beyond its reasonable control, acts no matter what vosema thought or deed can sometimes be discordant with the main tenor of his discourse, attitudes, conscious aspirations. The suggestion may cause a person to act against their will and their views. The main feature of the suggestion is that at the time his actions are simply a critical attitude to the suggestible thoughts disappear, so they freely are strengthened in the brain, significantly affecting its activity. Of course, even more valid suggestion, going in the same direction with the worldview of the person.

As we have noted, the suggestion to some extent amenable to all people. So, sometimes people, without any critical comprehension refers to the statements of another person who is in his eyes a great reputation. Thoughts of that person become his thoughts, he is guided by them in their actions. Little children, not even being able to comprehend, whether or not unusualy them a way of conduct, obediently follow the instructions of the parents. The ability to be critical of earlier inspired by the views or actions appear only with a certain age. Reasonably directed suggestion may be usefully employed in the education of children in the family.

Why upon suggestion disappears reasonable control of vnosimye thoughts? What is the deepest mechanisms of heightened suggestibility? What happens in the brain? To answer these questions, put in a stub hypnologists of the past and the beginning of the century, helped physiology.

A strong impact of the word or exciting the imagination impression cause excitation in the higher part of the brain. Concentrated in an area of the cortex, excitation develops around the braking process. If the bark is healthy, this process is not covered. But if the nervous system is weakened, if the nerve cells of the cortex become hypertonic slowing down, braking spreads widely, the insulating hearth of excited nerve cells from the rest of the crust and the depriving him of necessary links.

And data communications and provide what we call mind control. Normal mental activity is brain (under the leading role of the cerebral cortex), as a whole, as a huge complex of temporary connections, associations, excitations. Inspired by the idea of becoming consequently very large, unstoppable force of impact on the human brain, his thoughts, feelings, behavior, activities of his body.

That’s why susceptibility to suggestion amplify effects that weaken the cortical cells, and increase their termoskale. It is so exposed to severe suffering, prolonged grief and anxiety, illness, sleep deprivation, starvation, poisoning, fatigue, insufficient supply of oxygen and similar adverse effects.

Particularly strong increases suggestibility effect on emotions. According To I. P. Pavlov, managing emotions is concentrated in the nearest to the cerebral cortex to the subcortex (in which its divisions — it was installed later). The cerebral cortex — the authority of the higher analysis and synthesis, a reasonable body of work — keeps subcortical brain regions under their control, and those, in turn, would love to charge the bark energy. The mind harnesses the chaos of feelings, the feeling which prompts the thought to action. If you intentionally send the content suggestible ideas and thoughts on the gain emotions, to try to capture the imagination, to ignite the close of the individual’s feelings and aspirations, the cells of the cerebral cortex, which addressed these suggestions will receive higher, reinforced, excessive energy from the cortex.

People who have, as they say, the feeling prevails over reason (i.e. hysterical), such a strong influence is quite impressive that the excitation of this complex cortical cells caused hypnotic inhibition in the surrounding area. Vosema thought, devoid of mind control, will become dominant role and at some point may become the only ruler of consciousness. Other categories of people inspiring emotional impact can be overwhelming when it is combined with a prior or simultaneous hypnotizing effects of other factors (we have listed them above).

Is such a hotbed of wakefulness, increased excitability by external influences (with verbal suggestion made by another person) or from the inside (under the influence of internal factors, through self-suggestion) — the nature of those and other effects on the brain, the psyche, the consciousness does not change. In any case, in the cortex there is a hearth unquenchable excitement, surrounded by a zone of cells in a state of inhibition

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