How to safely gather in the morning in the garden

Wake up and get out of bed, wash and brush teeth, get dressed and have time to eat, assemble the portfolio and do not forget to change, time to get out of the house – here is a minimal list of morning “feats” for the child. But for older students this list is much longer – to do exercises, take a shower, walk the dog, feed the fish… I want to do that morning had turned into a continuous stress?

Why is it important

Often the morning in the house turns into a nightmare! The child is cranky, not wanting to gather in the kindergarten or school, mum in a hurry nervous, taking it out on the child, and dad silently rolls his eyes, wishing I could be somewhere far away from the epicenter morning fights… In the end, everything ran late, and the mood at all was worse.

But then, as the child will spend the morning at home, can determine the mood of the rest of the day. Children coming to school when you are relaxed, feeling full and satisfied, will be able to derive the greatest benefit from school activities.

Studies show that morning quarrel with children hindered the ability to work in normal mode and even increase the risk of unpleasant incidents at work. Therefore, adults too will feel much better if, instead of swearing in the morning, they will have to wait for a good time with family. What do I need?


Perhaps the main thing to do in order to get day started good and productive – it’s sleep. Restful sleep not only guarantees good health and appearance, but also leads to improved memory and problem-solving skills.

The need for sleep is different for everyone and depend on the age. Baby sleep is about 15 hours, the kids should sleep at least 12, elementary school children and middle classes – not less than 10, and teenagers – at least 8 hours. And again, during illness or a string of strong stress, the body requires more recovery time.

Up early

Even if you’re a typical “owl”, it is better to get up before the kids – at least for 15-20 minutes. Then you can easily wash yourself, put in order, think calmly about the plans for the day over a Cup of coffee and view the current schedule for yourself and children. Handicap in half an hour will allow you to treat yourself to morning exercises and take a contrast shower to get energized.

The child is also better to start to Wake up a little earlier than he was supposed to stand for 5-10 minutes. Then he will have the opportunity to lie some more and to smoothly start the day, and not to jump from the alarm. You can just quietly turn your favorite song as a reminder that after 2-3 minutes, when the song is over, got to get up and start the day. Young children will help to Wake up a light massage of the palms and pats on the head.

Looking at the clock

Order and predictability are what will help to avoid stress during the morning duties. Well, if every day all the morning things are done in the same manner, well known to the child, and at the same time. For example, a child knows that to sit down to Breakfast need not later than 7.20, otherwise you’ll have to hurry and leave the house no later than 8.00, otherwise you may be late. If the child is still not very well-versed in time, then it’s up to you to remind you time and tell you what you need to do now to manage everything.

Some parents find effective drawing up of the list, which is described in greater detail everything that must be done from the moment of awakening and before leaving the house. The list can only relate to the child or to include the responsibilities of all family members. Often it really helps, organizes and allows the result to be on time to school, work, etc.

Come up with a reward system

Vacation is long over, and it is important to give the children to feel how you are serious in the matter of morning duties and how important this part of the day. So think of a reward for good morning behavior: for example, who first gathered, choose a place in the car. Everything you can think of that should make your morning as easy and enjoyable for all.

You can also turn a morning gathering in the game. A small child is easy to motivate achievement of the morning “mini-goals”: for example, turn on a playlist of his favorite music and ask her to brush her teeth by the end of the first song, dress the end of the second, and so on.

Do not get distracted

Nothing spoils the mood, as the morning rush and bustle. This is why you should not give children extra errands in the morning. It’s fine if they have time before going to clean his bed, but nothing terrible will happen if the child don’t have time to put into place.

Try to eliminate anything that may distract the child from morning duties. One of the culprits that children’s attention is scattered, and they can’t come together on time, is the television. Think about how to not enable “box” in the morning – unless, of course, you don’t use cartoons as a reward for the child will be ready on time for school.

Collect things and clothes

The portfolio should be assembled with the evening – it’s not even worth discussing. The same applies to the sportswear, pajamas to kindergarten or materials to any additional classes. In the morning in a bag you can put a box lunch, but only just.

Also in the evening, prepare clothes for herself and the child, and the kid must take part in it (older kids can handle themselves generally, but only if already accustomed to such order). Fold together not only clothes, but also shoes, a hat and a scarf, change, socks, watches, tights, hair clips… all that you may need. Do not forget to check the weather forecast: this is the best way to prevent morning cluttered with clothing and not to forget an umbrella.

Correctly eat Breakfast

If your kids eat carefully enough, then it is better to go in the morning for Breakfast already dressed for the garden or school. Thus, having prepared everything in advance, they will be able to enjoy a leisurely Breakfast instead of snacking in a hurry or on the go. On the other hand, no one is immune from accidents: shed on the compote and the famous sandwich, always falling butter side down is more time in dressing up (and use).

Another quick way to simplify your morning routine is to make Breakfast as easy as possible. Choose nutritious quick meals – oatmeal with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with herbs, yogurt, or toast with cream cheese.

Do not conflict

Need to try in the morning, obviously not to discuss conflict issues – for example, academic performance or behavior, and to pay less attention to the small morning moods – getting up early is not so easy and the big and small.

Remember that “brevity – the sister of talent”. Even if you are pressed for time, try to talk to kids in a simple and clear phrases. For example, instead of saying, “Well how many times must I say, I’m late for work, it’s time to go and you’re still not dressed, rogue”, better to say: “Put your coat on, we go out.”

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