Children after parents divorce

Fear of animals

Fear of doctors, injections

The attitude of the teacher

Fear of the dark

The fear of cold

Psychosomatics parents ‘ Divorce

Don’t want to learn

I’m afraid to be alone

The fear of public speaking

Communication with peers

I don’t like Crisis 3 years

Parental divorce always affects the child. Even babies feel the discord between mom and dad. And children older than 3 years are particularly acute.

Faith (7 years) and Luba (5 years) – sisters, though very different in character. Faith is calm, reasonable, and considerate. and the younger Luba – artistic, lively and noisy. Not so long ago, parents of girls after numerous quarrels decided to divorce. My daughter along with her mother moved to her hometown. There in their life, a new man – Victor, mom’s old friend who was in love with her since high school. Soon they married, and Victor became a full member of the family. Victor is kind, attentive, caring and very attached to the girls.

However, Faith and Luba did not hurry to take it to the family. They had the feeling that they would betray his native father. Victor said that they “seemed not to hear, don’t pay any attention to the words addressed to them”. Her mother noted that after the divorce Luba “has become unmanageable,”and Faith is “very stubborn” and that “they speak the words of the grandmother” (grandmother from my father’s side).

During class we talked with the girls about their father, about what happened to their family and about their new life and new environment. Drew family. the house, fears. Imagine how will their life further: Faith goes to school, she was in a new kindergarten where they’re going in the summer with my mom and Victor, when you see the Pope, etc

After about 10 lessons, the girls began to behave more according to Victor, it is easier to talk about dad, to adequately respond to the requests of adults.

Alexander was asked to prepare his son Ilya (5 years) that he and my mom divorced. At that time they had lived separately, but Ilya said “dad now works in another city, he will come for the weekend”.

Ilya – friendly and cheerful baby, truly loves his father and misses him. Alexander is usually very busy at work and therefore unable to see his son more than once a week. They came to sessions with a psychologist on Saturdays in the morning and then went for a stroll together.

Ilya did not want to engage one, while dad was waiting for him in the corridor, and therefore they painted, cut and played together. Later we hooked up to practice mother Irina. At the final meeting (only with parents), we agreed on how best to tell Elijah that mom and dad no longer live together, and how to answer his questions, and chat with him in the future.

Eight-year-old Egor after the divorce has been acting “weird”: I was afraid to sleep at night. refused to do homework and go to the sports section, stopped eating in the school cafeteria, “adequately” respond to requests. While outwardly he seemed quite emotionally positive, friendly, willingly went on contact.

The fact that Egor in their 8 years is already well able to keep and to hide their emotions: smile when you are sad, and to be calm when hard. Why weren’t quite understand the reasons for his “strange” behavior. During the lessons he was able to Express on paper and Board to their experiences, fears, anger at parents, feelings of abandonment and powerlessness. In further to training parents joined – together we have created a picture of their future life – and Greg has become much simpler. His lifestyle with the disintegration of the family has changed dramatically, but we made it clear and stable.

Even if the child “and did not think about dad and very rarely asked about him,” that doesn’t mean he’s not going through because of his absence. After all, dads other children living with them and his dad is somewhere else. Why? It is worse than others and why daddy doesn’t want to live with him? The glory of 5.5 years, he’s always lived with mom and dad very rarely sees. Glory “maybe six months never to think about dad, and then suddenly asked: “Dad I do not love you?” And when meeting with the Pope at the same time he is very happy and is afraid of him, so that he could not Express how he was hurt and hurt because they so rarely see. Resentment and anger accumulate and vent to my mom, who works so hard for the Glory of his best but he “might be offended and start a tantrum because of some rubbish”. Together with my mother we explained the Glory of the situation in their family and helped to Express their feelings to the Pope.

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