How to treat thick green snot from a baby?

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So, you get up in the morning and find a very unpleasant surprise: green snot from a baby. What it is, where it came from and what to do about it? This symptom — Sputnik cold, your child could have picked up. It cannot be left unattended. Baby snot green should be treated! A very unpleasant thing, which causes many inconveniences: the thick mucus clogs the nose of the baby, does not allow him to breathe freely.

Green thick snot of a child is nothing like pus. As unpleasant as it sounds. Pus is allocated to counter bacteria that have settled in the nasopharynx of a child. The body protects itself, struggling.

If a cold has already appeared — so you missed the beginning of the infection. Cough and green snot in a child indicate that it is progressing well, but the amount of inconvenience that occurs as a consequence of this, can not wait for the time when the fight would end with myself.

So, it is necessary to treat green snot from a baby, especially if the cold lasts for a week, and two, and even a few months. The first thing that should be done before treatment to find the cause. They can be divided into several types:

allergic reaction;


physiological runny nose (with a month old baby);

other infections, where the cold is only a concomitant symptom.

What are the dangers of green snot and why you cannot run them?

The child has greenish snot can occur without associated symptoms: cough, temperature. However, this does not mean that they are harmless. If your child has green snot, they flow not only outside but also inside. But inside they are waiting for a more favorable atmosphere for reproduction: warm and humid. The larynx snot green the child fall directly into the lungs, and is much more serious than just an infection in your nose.

Moreover, due to the fact that the transition from the nose to the ear toddlers have a very short — there is the possibility that the pus in their ears, which will cause even otitis. Rare, but possible option is the inflammation of the tissues of the brain.

By itself, the common cold is an important signal that something is going wrong. In any case it is impossible to leave this symptom is ignored. Remember that today’s negligence can lead to big problems in the future!

Treatment of green mucus

The sooner you start treatment, the less drastic ways have to apply, but it often happens that the beginning of the disease you have missed and were unable to prevent its development. It is quite possible that even if you use the advice on self-treatment snot green, the child did not pass.

To treat green snot the child should be started on time, however, aggressive treatment can harm.

A visit to the doctor

The main question — how to treat green snot from a child – it is best to ask your doctor. The doctor always knows more than your friend with the Playground. The doctor may miss something important, but invisible to you. And therefore more accurately determine how to treat green snot from a baby.

Some doctors call the dismay of his parents, because they offer a “frivolous” according to them the treatment. The behavior of such “wrong doctors” are usually about the same: the question of why the child has green snot, do not really meet offer inhalation, Smoking, rinsing and the like “Granny” methods.

Often this is justified, even though seeing the green snot – runny nose in the child may already be familiar – the parent is terrified and wants to act urgently and can’t sit still. However, if you cannot find a common language with the doctor, you can change it.

You can change doctors, look for someone who will be better in your opinion, but to refuse the help of a specialist at all — do not. You should find a doctor who will trust unconditionally and always to comply with its requirements — even if they seem too soft.

Traditional methods

Choosing to treat than the snot green child, usually start with household methods. They can be quite effective in the early stage, and a decisive voice in the direction of folk remedies will have its gentle effect on the immune system. Green snot the child will be held if:

bury the nose solutions herbs, — calendula, chamomile;

use as drops of juice beets, potatoes, carrots, parsley root (all juices should be fresh, diluted with water 1:1);

irrigate the nose with a solution of water and salt;

to give the baby honey and drink with honey;

apply steam bath and inhalation (best done using a nebulizer).

If your child has green snot – than to treat them — parents to decide, but don’t forget to ask the doctor whether the child has a contraindication to a specific recipe.

Please note that when dripping the nose is homemade and medical drops, it is important to remember that you must blow your nose – the nasal cavity should be thoroughly cleaned.

Traditional methods

How to treat green snot of a child, if home methods not helped? It is best to turn to traditional methods, especially if the child has green snot and fever. In such cases it is often necessary to prescribe antibiotics. As a rule, with their help, the bacteria are sorted out, but should not be abused by heavy artillery – always keep in mind about the consequences.

Remember that the body is able to fight off infections, it needs to learn this. If you are accepted for antibiotics and other powerful drugs, you don’t give him the opportunity of learning. And soon the body of the baby will require aggressive treatment even in trifling colds.

However, not only antibiotics could deal with the fact that the child has green snot — treatment may be conducted using a vasoconstrictor sprays-thinning drugs and other similar means. In General, therapy with traditional methods has high speed and allows the body to recover faster.

Activities depending on the reasons

Using tablets and folk remedies, it is important to remember — just treat snot green color the child does not make sense. It is important to not only eliminate the symptoms but also the cause of the disease. So, depending on the characteristics of the disease, it is important to create certain conditions for your baby:

Allergy. How to cure green snot of a child, if he is allergic? This is no easy task. Need to calculate what your child has allergies, it can be anything: wool, dust, food. If you are breastfeeding — examine your diet. Identifying the allergen and removing it from your environment, you will immediately become clear — than to treat green snot from a baby. The treatment is just not required;

SARS is not too scary. Ventilate the room more often change clothes, wash the dishes — let the least possible infection to grow along with your child;

Physiological runny nose. Than cure green snot from a baby, if he’s only a month? Such “disease” — a way of adaptation to the environment and does not require treatment. All you need is to provide good care for the baby — clean the spout baby vaseline, bury a solution of sea salt (and sodium). Also follow the microclimate in the room — the room should have special air: clean, fresh, not too dry.

If none of the methods of treatment does not cause relief requires more detailed examination, which will explain the meaning of temperature and snot green and will allow you to determine further therapy. But if the cold is over, the question is how to cure green snot the child no longer hurts and you successfully coped with the problem — do not forget about the prevention of disease.

Lifestyle changes: no longer walk, follow the air — it needs to be fresh and moderately humid. Stay tuned for immunity, drink vitamins and eat foods that these vitamins are made by nature. If your child is old enough, add physical activity, akalaitis and regularly check with your doctor.

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