How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib?

So, let’s begin, perhaps, with such a sensitive issue as: whether the baby to take to his bed? On the one hand it’s so good and nice to fall asleep, knowing that your baby to be around. Mom is more convenient to breastfeed the baby, especially if the crib is in another room. And so the kid beside him and calmer with my mom and everything seems fine…

But, in the beginning, when the baby is still breastfed sleep with their parents more or less naturally, but the older your child becomes, the harder it will be for him to survive the process of “separation”. It affects a number of reasons.

So, for example, by three years the child is experiencing a period of separation, and if by that time gradually to separate their child from the parent bed, giving him her own bed, in future there might be problems with making important decisions, the independence and autonomy of the whole person. Some mothers believe that the problem resolved itself and the child will want to sleep separately. Of course, this too can be, but the probability is too small. In any case, it is the parents who must contribute to this process, so it is advisable to put the baby to sleep in his own crib as soon as possible.

The best option to accustom the child to sleep in a separate bed is the age of 6-8 months. During this period, night child need to feed a little less. Besides, the baby is becoming more mobile, and he can turn in his sleep, allowing him to take a more comfortable position. In principle it is possible to teach, of course, and a little later, but for a long time with this, try not to delay.

Some psychologists believe that it is very important that the child not only slept in his own bed, but in their own children’s room. Of course, that in this too there are very good reasons, which include the importance of developing a sense of autonomy and enabling the passage of the separation process. By the way, I note that in this scenario, i.e. when a child is born is sleeping in a separate room, it is important to follow some points: at night it is advisable to leave the dim lights, door into the room is better not to fully close so you can hear if the baby wakes up, starts screaming. Come and reassure the child should always, when he will let You know about it (below about these and other recommendations written more).

By the way another reason that causes the negative effects due to the fact that the mother takes the child to his bed, is tension in the relationship with her husband. If there “as if there is no problem” and parents are not ashamed of being a small child and “he will probably remember nothing”, it should be emphasized that in no event it is impossible when a child to have sex, even if he was sleeping. Indeed, in a fit of passion You will be able to Wake him, and what he saw could severely and permanently injuring the delicate psyche of the child. Another disadvantage of a joint dream is that the child’s father, unlike the mother has no instinct that allows us to respond to almost every movement crumbs. Therefore, in the first half of the year is best to lay the baby between the wall and the mother, closing, thus, from the father.

But what if it happened and the child for a long time sleeping with You in bed, not even going to agree to separate from the parents sleep? In this case You have to spend a lot of effort and time to teach your child to sleep independently.

We now describe a few tips that will help to accustom the child to sleep in his crib:

First, parents need to agree . they were both consistent in their actions. If You decide to teach your baby to sleep in her crib, then you need to always put him to sleep separately. Remember, it costs You time to sleep in the parents ‘ bedroom and have to start all over again. Moreover, it should not play the game “good and bad COP” when one parent is allowed to sleep in the parents ‘ bedroom, and the other is not. Mom and dad must work together.

Before teaching independent sleep the child can mentally prepare . Can be in the game or tale to tell how the same kid when he grew up and became independent, and was rewarded with his own crib in which he was able to sleep just like an adult. Then you can encourage the child for some time and prepare for the fact that he, too, will have their own crib. In General, the main thing is not to hurry and to let the child enjoy the feeling of expectation, which will be replaced by delight after he will get his “trophy”. Of course, that this technique will work with the older children, although, in any case, the child can tell, preparing to independent sleep, almost regardless of age.

To teach a child to sleep in a separate bed need at the same time . This will develop mode is necessary for a good rest.

Be sure to accompany the process of accustoming some ritual . for example, can sing a lullaby, tell tale or history, etc. then you have to wait until the baby is asleep and only then you can move away from the crib. If the baby wakes up be sure to come and calm him down. But with repeated awakenings each time should come later. For example, the second time, navigate to the call of a baby not immediately, but after a minute, the third time in two etc. up minutes before 10. Every day time needs to be increased. When it comes to the baby tell him, without removing it from the crib. Let’s see what is the reason that he woke up, maybe needs a diaper change, he is sick, hungry or something causes discomfort (e.g., too dark in the room), etc. Say good night and leave. Eventually the child will get used to sleep in his crib, so be patient. Remember if you ever do not soak and take to his bed, then the child is immediately and remember the next time your name will be much longer and more often. To put a very thin feel weak points parents and quickly learn to manipulate them.

By the way, if parents teach a child to sleep in a separate room, apart from fear of loneliness, he may experience fear of the dark. So on the night in the children’s room you should leave the nightlight .

You can use the technique of “substitution” mom any subject. When mom goes away for some “important matters”, but to make the child feel safe leaves him the favorite toy. Thus it is necessary to ask for this toy, for example, “bear” to look after the baby. After some time the mother returned and thanked “the bear” for taking care of the baby. Over time, the child will get used to the transitional object, i.e. the toy and you will sleep with her, feeling the care and warmth of his mother.

It so happens that the child falls asleep in the arms of their parents, then if it is not strongly reacts negatively, waking up one, should carry in his cot .

It is important listen to your instincts and gradually, step by step to help overcome the child the whole process independent of falling asleep in his crib.

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