Why is the baby crying?

The crying child is the only means of expressing emotions, it is the first language with which the child reports that he is not satisfied. From the first days of life crumbs mothers can learn to accurately determine the value of its crying.

Baby tears in any case cannot be ignored, it is important to keep anxiety toddler, because she can be very serious.

If you watch a child, you will notice that his crying is always different. So it turns out from what cause your baby to cry for different reasons. Do not expect that the child will cease itself is unlikely. Try to understand that it expresses a crying baby, try to calm him and to satisfy his request. This reaction on your part will help to establish the trust relationship of the child with you.

Most often the baby is crying because he feels hunger. Such a cry is different continuous cumulative high-pitched scream. If mom knows approximately how long the baby will demand their rightful food – breast milk – then it would be wise to drink beforehand a glass of warm cow’s milk or hot black tea with milk (one third of a mug of tea, two thirds of milk) to increase the amount of breast milk.

This precaution need hypochondriac moms who get upset when any crying crumbs to milk became less and the baby is sated.

There are plenty of reasons due to which the eyes of the baby tears:

1) diaper/baby diaper is wet;

2) baby it’s cold or hot;

3) he was awakened by a sharp sound or turn on a bright light;

4) he’s teething, sore ears;

This is the “classic” cases.

With feeding and diapers all clear. But how do you know that the baby is cold or hot? There are two ways. The first to try his feet, the second to touch his nose if he’s cold, baby is cold, if hot – he’s hot.

If baby is cold, it is best to warm him, taking in his arms and hugged her. The mother can push the baby to open the chest, to give the breast, even if he’s not asking is – in this case, the baby may not eat, and just “poke” the nose in mom. It warms and soothes!

If frozen little whimpers half asleep and you don’t want him to Wake up, you can hide the crumbs and put the feet warmer (near the feet, so that he could not reach her. However, in no case do not put a heating pad on the baby!)

Neonatologists say: some are just born babies can cry for no apparent reason – it is simply crying from the stress they suffered during childbirth. It passes and does not require specific treatment.

A crying baby can be triggered and other inconveniences that one suffers. It may be incorrectly wearing a diaper, bad vipassanaa linen or crease made by you when swaddling.

Remember that baby’s skin is several times softer and more sensitive than adults, therefore carefully monitors the quality of the Mat. When buying diapers, choose those, the edges of which are no rough seams. You should not darn diaper – seam can RUB the baby’s skin, better buy new.

Carefully read the information on the packaging of diapers, how to dress, how to choose them correctly for the child of a certain age. Nappy “not by size” can occur, which also displeases the child.

Be careful not crushed Lee drape comfortably lying in bed your little one.

Eliminate external stimuli – music, noise, bright lights, screaming Canaries and D. T.

The child also may experience tummy (gas, constipation, diarrhea) that is caused by digestive disorders. If it doesn’t last long, afraid of such processes should not – this is normal; otherwise, one should seek medical help (usually parents instinctively feel when tears are abnormal, and it’s time to go to the doctor).

Note that babies who were born by caesarean section are more likely to suffer from intestinal colic than those born naturally. Try gently massaging her tummy crumbs clockwise, lay tummy to his belly.

When the accumulation in the intestine crumbs gases you can use a gas outlet tube, or give the baby dill water. Most importantly – give your child the opportunity to freely move the legs, lift the hips to better bowel released the air.

Digestive disorder typically causes a disturbance of the vital rhythm of the baby – shifting eating and defecation, which may also be the cause of the crying baby. Be patient, give the baby more attention, more talking with him is the best consolation.

A baby crying can also mean a request to remove the contamination on the body of the baby, either it long not bathed or bad podmilj or tool that was used (baby soap, baby oil after a bath) don’t fit. In this case, the baby cries and “squirmed”, seeks to strip off their diaper or clothes.

Sometimes a child crying, especially in the evening, speaks of fatigue; the best means of soothing – gentle Balkania mom. Sometimes frequent tears, loss of interest in his surroundings, sleep disorder, weight loss can be signs of depression in the baby. This problem in children is very rare, but exist. It experts call constantly coming from the parents of the tension that is felt by the child or in consequence of depression in the mother. Of course, such symptoms require notification and medical intervention.

Growing up, the child begins to experience new feelings, and the reasons for his crying gradually become “psychological”. This can be, for example, tears of loneliness, tears of unwillingness to stay in the crib while awake, etc. the Child is able to experience strong internal stress and “save” it for quite a long time. As a result, he may cry from fear (fear of the dark, fear to fall asleep without mom, etc.), irritation, resentment.

Whatever the reason for baby’s crying — keep calm, even if you feel powerless. Children feel the tension and adults, giving a wrong example to reassure them.

Do not fret, if it does not immediately eliminate the cause of the crying — perhaps you misunderstood what I said to you the child in the language of tears – try to understand. Remember: the most effective way to resolve are crying mommy’s chest, voice, hands and heat. Take the crumbs on his hands, cuddle, communicate with him, read his poetry, hum nursery rhymes, show color pictures and rattles.

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