How to save your family: tips psychologist

It has long been believed that the wife is a homemaker and family welfare. Nowadays it is very difficult to keep the family together, and this is evidenced by the large number of divorces. If you value your family, then we will tell you how to save it, giving practical advice on the matter.

How to keep peace in the family

For anybody not a secret that a common cause of divorce is the lack of understanding between spouses, frequent quarrels, and of course Gen. Therefore, it is important to build family relationships, but how to do it. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Do not “saw” her husband

One of the main mistakes wives, when they begin to constantly “nag” their husbands for what he did, did not or generally just because she’s in a bad mood. Maybe someone from the men and will be able to endure this behavior of his wife, but many excised patience and he either gets a mistress, or even leaves the family, for the sake of a quiet life.

Do not limit his freedom

Unnecessary constantly to control it, finding out where he is and with whom, and forbid him to meet up with friends – the restriction of freedom to anything good will not, and will only worsen your relationship.

Do not complain about it

Some girls have such a terrible habit of complaining about her husband: his mom, his mom, girlfriends, friends, etc. If he’s so bad, then why do you live with it. If you are not satisfied with something or talk about it directly with her husband or go with it. Try to avoid quarrels and arguments – spend it all peacefully.

Spend a lot of time together

When the couple spend time apart, they begin to morally disengage from each other. Because of this, they cease to know about the interests of each other, they disappear common topics of conversation that in the end, makes them strangers. Therefore, spend as much time as possible: find both interesting joint activities, watch films, play games, go shopping, walk, etc. But in this case, unnecessary fanatically accept the Council and “prikovyvaetsya” to her husband – a little rest from each other should also be.

Take good care, affection and tenderness

Every man is always pleased when his wife shows affection: hugs him, kisses, speaks sweet words and expresses his feelings of love. Men also nice when the wife takes care of him, cook for him a range of culinary options, for example experiencing for the heat if he is dressed, how he was doing, as well as, support in difficult times.

If you want to keep the tenderness in your relationship: prepare morning Breakfast for my husband and when he leaves for work definitely kiss him. The same applies to the evening if you come home early, cook dinner and wait for her husband from work, definitely kissing him as he comes. In short, from such seemingly insignificant moments and built a strong relationship.

Think about why your relationship was before more feelings, and now very few of them. Perhaps it’s the lack of romance in your relationship. Walking hands, romantic candlelight dinner, romantic night, talking until the morning in the moonlight, gentle and beautiful SMS and much more will help to return it. Saving and restoring all this, your relationship will be vibrant and really bring you closer with each other.

Quite often, with the onset of joint and married life both husband and wife are not so serious about their appearance as before, when they came out – and it is very bad. Keep a well-groomed appearance and home. Yeah, maybe in the evening after a hard day, you will want to wash off make-up, wear your favorite warm robe and lay down beside loved to watch TV, but you can’t wear a simple robe and beautiful with lace, and not just collect hair in a ponytail, and wear a beautiful brooch in the form of a rose. On the weekend days you will have free time to take a few minutes to myself, to do my hair, and not to go with curlers on his head around the apartment. In short, imagine how your husband came to visit you, when you met him, how you looked then. – Try and look for him at home. This will help you to keep the love, passion and attraction to each other.

Do I need to keep the family together

Simple answer to this complex question is no. Each case is very individual and make a decision as to whether to save the family or not, you need based on the situation analysis. If you really love your husband and he you, then really should try to save your marriage. If your feelings do not find reciprocity, this is equivalent to playing football, one of the gates.

Some want to preserve the family for the child, but by and large, this is not correct, because when unhappy parents are unhappy and the child. Best for a child, when his mom and dad will be happy and not sacrifice myself, even if they are not together.

How to keep the family from divorce

The advice of a psychologist on how to keep the family from divorce, advised married couples to take the so-called negotiating table, where they both have a quiet talk about everything: how you see the situation that led to it, what possible solutions and way out of the situation. If you find a mutual understanding, you will be able to save your family from divorce. If one spouse flatly does not want to continue the relationship, to keep the family together – is meaningless.

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