Bad habits of adolescents

The children grew up, and became more serious problems faced by parents.

Adolescents are adults, but still children. Parents, of course, will rank them to the children, and outside the home, where it is about commitment and responsibility for their actions, 13-17-year-old individuals children will not be called. This is the complexity of age. Adolescents do not yet have enough life experience, but to control their actions and to indicate how to do that – most likely not be possible.

The inconsistency in this age at all. What can I say: the age itself is contradictory.

Teenagers as no one else really need support and approval. And if they do not receive from their parents or wipe, then WAIT for REBELLION. And it is here that the younger the child finds the “like-minded” in the face of their peers, senior colleagues who, like him, do not have the same confidence in themselves. Here, “by the way” are addictions. When faced with difficulties, young people try to escape from problems through bad habits. Here, of course, include any human action that are harmful to his health. But the most dangerous and, unfortunately, the “popular” among Teens are alcohol, Smoking, drugs.

Drinking alcohol

If a child under 13 years of age ALREADY has an attraction to alcohol, then to struggle with this addiction is extremely difficult. The fact that children’s bodies are very sensitive, rapid addictive, and as a result develop disease of the internal organs.

Often the motive drinking teen alcohol is the desire to stand out, to show that he’s an adult. Also the cause of children’s alcoholism can be banal boredom.


Nicotine is a dangerous drug compound, harmful to the body, especially for a teenager. Among bad habits Smoking is widespread among the youth. In addition, the statistics include the terrible facts: the number of girls who smoke, compared with that among young men.

Who have bans on Smoking in public places, functioning age restriction. But bans for teenagers, as we know, only increasing the incentive to bad habits.

Habit of Smoking in teenagers is motivated by the desire to join the new company, to impress, as well as the desire to imitate adults. And here is a mechanism of imitation. If the guy or girl was able to overcome physical aversion after the first Smoking a cigarette, this habit turns into an addiction.

Drug addiction – “white death” is one of the most pernicious habits of the younger generation. Every year is gaining momentum. Everyone knows that drugs can completely destroy the body, and the personality of the child. Formed a strong dependence.

What motivates teenagers? And again the desire to be like everyone else, the desire to show themselves in the new company. In the basis of drug use is child-infantilism — the inability to make decisions independently. It is often easier to succumb to persuasion than to stand firm and refuse. The desire to forget and to experience new sensations — another motive cravings.

Deliverance from this evil is very hard, and sometimes to no avail. It is better to prevent than to fight.

Parents need to understand that bad habits for Teens — this is sort of a path that has no obstacles preventing you from moving forward. The emergence of such problems in the younger generation is a consequence of trouble in the process of personal self-determination. To avoid this, we need to start at that age, when the grown child already needs recognition from their peers, and long before, in childhood.

How to prevent?

* It is important that a son or daughter able to do something that would put them above others in their environment . achievements in sports, artistic taste, the ability to earn money and their abilities to help the family — it brings respect in the company.

* Build self-confidence in a child.

* Show by example . that you lead a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, no amount of investment will not help. If saying one thing and doing another, expect positive results extremely difficult.

* A teenage boy was not fond of Smoking and alcoholism, he should not be at this time.

* Separate his interests and be their child’s friend.

If you noticed that the child have any harmful tendencies . then:

1. Don’t shout

2. Understand the problems and solve them together. Typically, this is a consequence of quarrels with classmates, learning difficulties, unrequited love, lack of parental attention.

3. Do not rush to seek help from a psychologist — it can only scare the child.

4. Tell a teenager about the true harm . which have on the body Smoking, alcohol and drugs. The lecture — only confidential conversation.

5. Refrain yourself from destructive habits.

6. A child needs to feel support and understanding from your family, whatever happens.

7. NOT impose a strict ban on alcohol. Suppose, if it really wants, I’ll try with the family and not “somewhere around the corner.”

8. Help your teenager find a way out of difficult situations . when, as it seems, “cannot refuse.” For example, let me tell my friends “parents just kill me if they knew. ”

9. Encourage progress in useful Hobbies.

In addition to addictions, openly, adversely affecting the health, in the modern world there are those who harm indirectly, have complex and long-term period.

Gambling addiction is manifested in obsessive passion for video and computer games. This includes pathological penchant for gambling (ludomania). Dependence is the dominance of the virtual over the real life person.

TV addiction . Television has become a common way of escape from myself into the world of illusions. Unfortunately, it takes half (or more) of free time almost every person.

Internet addiction . Perhaps the most common habit of the younger generation. This dependence is characterized as a mental disorder. It is expressed in an obsessive desire to enter into a worldwide network and a painful inability to get out of it.

These habits wean absolutely cannot — and should not deprive the child of the benefits of civilization. But healthy interests and the diverse activities of a teenager simply does not leave time for hours holding on to the screen .

The teenager because of their age, which is characterized by an IRREGULAR hormonal and mental development, must be addicted to something and let that SOMETHING be a POSITIVE manifestation of his person . Do not interfere with the child to show his good side — and then growing up will happen faster.

NO! Closely monitor his every move and to suspect all bad.

YES! To be attentive to the child, loving and supporting him.

Communicate with your children on various topics and honestly answer them, sometimes UNCOMFORTABLE, questions.

And set an example!

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