Young children

In the Tver region, in the village of Pramoxine burned alive by an Orthodox priest, his wife and three young children, 11-year-old son and two daughters, 5 and 7 years.

The family of a priest of the Tver diocese of 31-year-old Andrei Nikolaev burned in the house in which she lived. Attackers propped outside the front door with a steel pipe so that the people inside are unable to get out of the fire. On the Windows of the house were of the lattice, so the chances of victims to escape left.

As stated on “Orthodoxy and the world” . the house of Andrey Nikolaev was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

Initially it was reported that the wife of the father of Andrew Xenia, who was in the hospital, on Friday I came home for the weekend and also died in the fire. Then the law enforcement authorities of the Tver region said that the corpse of the woman in the house was not detected. The representative of the security Council of the area reported that “the whereabouts of the wife of the priest Nikolaeva Oksana Vasilievna, born in 1974, is not yet established”, RIA “Novosti”. “Conducted search operations in the medical institutions of Tver, Torzhok, Kuvshinovo yet to no avail,” he said in the security Council.

Later, the Deputy Prosecutor – the chief of investigative management of Prosecutor’s office of Tver region Mikhail Sokolov said that “fighting a fire were found the bodies of Andrey Nikolaev, his wife Oksana Nikolaeva, and their children: David, born in 1997, Anna, born in 1999, and Anastasia, born in 2002”.

– Among the versions – arson and prohibited appliances

– Heavily drinking the villagers prevented the priest

– HELP: Death for the faith

The murder of priest Andrey Nikolaev “should be the subject of attention of the society no less than political speculations around the deaths of Anna Politkovskaya, Alexander Litvinenko and the like.” This opinion was expressed by the head of the Moscow branch of the Union of Orthodox citizens Kirill Frolov.

A priest from the Tver village rozhdestvenno father George Belogurov reminded that recently the house of Nikolaev already tried to set fire and now “at the second attempt these monsters have committed vile murder”. “In recent months he lived with a gun at the ready, as drunken residents Pramoxine was looking for the mythical jewels,” said father George. – “Moral atmosphere in the village was so heavy that inhabit his alcoholics began to sell or trade for booze log homes”.

All the churches of the Tver diocese on 2 December, the message was read Archbishop Tver and Kashinsky Victor, stating that father Andrew had burned down with his family in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Heavily drinking the villagers prevented the priest

In October the priest through the media asking for help and protection. The fact that the locals several times plundered the Church, and with the money bought the alcohol. The priest tried to protect the temple with the gun, although he admitted he will not be able to shoot a person.

In late October, the newspaper “Izvestia”, “drunks repeatedly encroached on the icons and Church utensils plundered the Church and drank away the loot. Real threat to the life and hanging on by his father Andrew and his family.”

Almost all the inhabitants of the village of Pramoxine alcoholics, they trade on alcohol even logs and planks from their own homes. Some parishioners father Andrew returned to normal life, but others did not like his tenacity. Father Andrew and his parish was threatened, and his house had once burned.

It is noteworthy that the first statement about the incident appeared in one of the popular blogs on LiveJournal. On the morning of December 2, to learn the information spread about the death of the priest and his family, and users expressed full confidence that this is premeditated murder.

Meanwhile the priests themselves doubt that it was murder. So, Archpriest Anatoly Volgin told the newspaper “Izvestia” . what to put forward the version prematurely. According to him, the facts of the burning of the first house experts are not confirmed, and in the second there were problems with heating: “Talking about killing and less about his motives early. Fires could be fatal coincidence of circumstances,” said the Archpriest.

Father Anatoly claims that the situation with theft in the temple was quite ordinary: “In village temples steal. Last year in the diocese of 22 temples have been robbed. But father Andrew it was two or three times in 10 years.” Any direct threats against the priest, father Anatoly heard nothing neither from itself nor from the congregation.

And the head of the communications service of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate (DECR MP) priest Mikhail Prokopenko urged to make every effort to investigate the deaths of a priest and his family. However, it notes that “where there is a strong parish, where the Ministry of a priest becomes successful, people begin to return to a quiet life, turning away from alcoholism, drug addiction, idleness, laziness. The priesthood is a constant struggle with sin and sometimes meets demonic resistance of people who are obsessed with evil.”

Version – arson and prohibited appliances

The Prosecutor’s office Kuvshinovsky district of the Tver region opened a criminal case in connection with death of the family priest Andrei Nikolaev on signs of the crime under article 105, part 2, paragraph “e” of the criminal code (“Murder committed publicly dangerous method”), ITAR-TASS reported.

Hotline opened for public relations. All to whom something is known about the incident can call in Tver 8-4822-50-02-02.

“Version cause of the fire as a childish prank or negligence in the handling of fire, law enforcement authorities immediately rejected. In the house, no Smoking, alcoholic beverages are not consumed, children unattended never left. All gas and electrical equipment is also in order. As one of the possible causes of the tragedy are now processed version of arson,” – said the representative of the Council area.

However, the local authorities believe that the fire broke out not because of arson, but because of improper handling of appliances. The house of a priest found the devices that heat the trams, reports NTV. According to experts, to keep them in residential areas is unacceptable.

The Governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin took control of the investigation into the cause of the deaths of the priest and stressed that until the results of the examination of findings on the causes of fire can not be done.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia to provide practical assistance in investigating the death of a priest and his family were sent to Tver region employees of operational units.

“The interior Ministry to provide practical assistance in investigating the death of a priest and his family in the Tver region directing operational subdivisions of the Central apparatus of the Ministry”, – informed “Interfax” in the press center of the interior Ministry on Monday. According to ITAR-TASS, in the near future the police will take off in the Tver region, where practical assistance to their colleagues in the investigation of this incident.

Operational headquarters of the Ministry of internal Affairs, established to investigate the circumstances of the incident, working closely with the Russian Orthodox Church. Staff was headed by the acting head of Department of criminal investigation Department of the Ministry, Lieutenant-General of militia Iskandar Galimov. The local law enforcement agencies fulfill the residential sector, including nearby communities.

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