The Influence of media on children

The influence of media on children Essay, section Journalism and mass media, the year 2010 – the Ministry of Education And science of the Russian Federation Federal Agency P.

The Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation Federal Agency for Education of the Rostov State University of civil engineering abstract the discipline: Sociology Topic: the Influence of media on children Rostov-on-don 2010 Contents Introduction 1. The influence of TV on children 2. The relationship between television and crime 3. The impact on children of the Internet Conclusion references Introduction no doubt, the media plays a huge role in people’s lives is a source of information and means of communication.

Recently, however, the public and scholars note the increasing negative influence on children media (primarily television and the Internet). A particularly powerful influence on youth conducts television. TV is for the child or young person’s primary source of information. The information disseminated by the media, is most often in stories about the bankers, the mafia, the killers, top models. The most popular transmission – transmission entertainment and gaming character.

They are not taught to think, to feel, awaken vile, destructive, animal in man, but not the high, moral, spiritual. Analysis of modern information space showed that most of the commercial channels show exclusively militants and erotica interspersed with advertising. On this and now the children are brought up. 1.

The impact of television on children

In the context of complex socio-economic processes occurring in O. And some children can take a hammer or a knife, like the characters in the cartoons. London. Two six-year-old boy completely destroyed the house of her neighbours, to. Oslo.

The relationship between television and crime

Another well-known expert in the field of information space Boris. The Ministry of health of the USA in 1969 was created Scientifically. The relationship between television and crime. Scientific studies confirm the negative impact of television on.

The Commission’s findings shocked America: fact was a direct between violence on screen and violence in life, and companies that demonstrate information with elements of violence, are responsible for anti-social actions of its viewers, especially children and adolescents. In addition to the aggressiveness of the big problem of the influence of TV on children is a lockup of mental development.

In recent years, an increasing number of children are not in school to learn by hearing information, suffer from underdevelopment of speech and emotions. As was established by Western scholars, that the children in early childhood “was brought up” TV, that is, they are able to perceive only visual information, the words pass them by. In school, “telecomitalia” having great difficulties with the change of habitual visual perception on verbal, because caring for them is not a TV, but a live teacher. And in addition they needs to interact with other children, and to them it’s hard. 3. The impact on children of the Internet is No less dangerous for children and can be the Internet.

Many researchers have noted that the Internet and computer games are addictive, or even addictive and this addiction can occur quickly, even after six months. Children face risks such as getting into the virtual world, the reduction of social contacts, social maladjustment, which can lead to depressum and suicide. Online a dependent child has no control over the amount of time spent in front of the monitor, he has a dry eye, sleep disorder, appetite disappears.

Many psychologists say that the interest of a different kind of “shooters”, a vivid picture of the blood, the tearing of the flesh of dead can provoke a person to try such a situation is not “fun”, but in real life. As games in which the hero can jump from tall buildings, fly over chasms, etc provoke children to do something like that, risking their health and life. If society wants to protect children from gambling – it should primarily affect the parents, because the family plays a protective role, which allows immature people to formulates and get on his feet. In order to protect children from computer addiction and gambling, experts advise parents to regulate the child’s free time and don’t allow to spend much time near the computer or the TV, to see what computer games are fond of the child. It is also important to regulate the content of mobile phones, as children are often pumped into their mobile phones immoral or offensive pictures.

Conclusion to summarize, we can say that in order to counteract the negative influence on children media need to combine the effort of parents, community organizations, relevant state agencies.

But how would the state had banned films or sites with elements of violence or depravity, if the parents will not pay significant attention to their children, and the family will not be created an atmosphere of trust and love, no bans will not work.

In particular, according to the statistics, nearly 76% of parents are not interested in what  their children visit. However, experts such figures explain the indifference of parents, and their ignorance. Why parents need their own example to inspire children to do good deeds and be for them a moral authority, and then children will not be attracted to forbidden things

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