How to make a stable foster families

The foster family, children’s home of family type are formed on the basis of the decision of body of guardianship and guardianship, as well as the agreement on the conditions of upbringing and maintenance of children and the employment contract. The foster family is transferred from one to four children-orphans and children left without parental care, children’s home of family type, ranging from 5 to 10 orphans.

For 13 years, Belarus has the institution of foster families, or professional parents. If in 2000 in foster homes and orphanages of family type was brought up about 500 children, today more than 8 thousand. Judging by these figures, noble goal of the state to leave boarding schools and give every child family education is implemented intensively enough. Recently, however, in one country after another high profile case occurred when the adoptive parents for inconsequential reasons, were taken away from their adopted children. These conflicts have illuminated the problem of double standards.

“Not all officials understand the significance of this institution and the dual relate to the professional work of parents: when to solve a problem, we are told that we are family and we need to do to cope, and when you take children, argue that this is not our children, and the state, no rights we have no attachment and not in the bill,” said the parents. What other problems have accumulated over bremelanotide of the institution of foster families today, and whether you need to improve the mechanisms of their protection?

The human factor

Resonant case occurred in the family foster parent Sergei Saharica, who on 7 September last year seized four foster children. Today he defends in court and the higher courts their right to return them and to reinstate foster parent who worked for 8 years.

– We went to Ukraine on things for the children and left them under the care of our loved adult children for 3-4 days, which does not contradict the legislation. Because of health problems his wife we had to stay there for a few days. On the third day came to the house of workers of education and took the kids without legitimate grounds, I was accused of absenteeism and the abandonment of children without supervision of a guardian. Children for two weeks was placed in the hospital, though in admission they didn’t need, and then taken to other foster families, forcing children to give it their consent. Today they are not allowed to communicate with us, took mobile phones – told details Sergey SAHARIC . – In my opinion, this conflict arose because of personal relationships with the employer – the Department of education when I was trying to solve a series of questions about the health of children and their employment rights. It is not legal gaps and the notorious human factor.

Must be a team

According to many adoptive parents, as a protective mechanism against such factors today law should clearly prescribe the responsibility not only of foster parents but also of the guardianship, which will allow to avoid abuses on their part.

– Foster parents are not asked to raise their wages and improve their lives, we raise our voice when trying to solve the problems of the foster child, which is a lot. But when we put questions to the employer, the Executive, the authority in which they are embedded, workers become uncomfortable. So many foster parents and are silent, because at stake – children. Instead of gradually work together to solve problems, the guardianship choosing the easiest way is to dictate and intimidate – gives his opinion of the foster parent Alla POTEMKIN . And, in my opinion, this trend only increases, resulting in violent conflict. If silent, then such egregious facts, when foster parents take children, will become commonplace. It should not be. I think it comes from a misunderstanding of local officials General public objectives for assistance to orphans and our work in particular. We often hear that adoption is a priority, it turns out that adoptive families – secondary, less important? But we do not consider the child the object of their labor, we take it, to give love, and not just in time to feed and sleep to lay. Our emotional costs commensurate with the subsidies of the state, we are often reproached. (An allowance for a foster child today, about 1.4 million, the receiving parent – 2-2,5 mln. – Ed .). One of the main problems today is that parents, employers and professionals do not form a single command until this cancer, Swan and pike, which pull in different directions.

Protection mechanisms

Is it possible to legally protect a foster family? As has told the lawyer and foster mother Elena KASHINA . today, the country has developed a legitimate practice, when foster parents in violation of article 17 of the Labor code sign employment contracts for a year that does not contribute to family stability and may be subject to pressure from the employer. It is necessary to conclude contracts for the period that the child is in the family, and it would be even better to upgrade to an agreement of family law, the lawyer says.

According to the Chairman of the NGO substitute families “With hope” Nina DOMNITCH . the problems fell swoop is not resolved, it is necessary to understand it, and in the daily life and work to be able to negotiate and resolve all the issues peacefully.

This supports the foster parent family-type orphanage Svetlana AKULOVA . But for this, she believes, need to raise the issue of training specialists for work with foster children, starting from kindergarten and ending with the clinics: “There are features in communicating with our families, and professionals should have professional skills in this direction. Meanwhile, solving the problem in private, we often have a long time to explain what the world of an orphan and how important it is to carefully relate to him. We must not forget that and adoptive parents, and the environment needs to heal these wounded souls, SFD< /span>reroute they have a notorious basic trust in the world”.

Additional support

Among other pressing issues – rest and recovery, continues Svetlana Akulova.

– Our foster kids provide vouchers to the camps. But more than half of my children, for example, cannot exist in a society, the camp due to various features. You should consider the help of the state in the organization of joint families. Us such an opportunity was given once: we got the whole family to camp, paying only vouchers own children. Given that homes become more likely to get more time with such an opportunity. A joint family vacation is very important.

Fortunately, today in foster Belarusians and take children with special needs. What are the problems in such families, told the “AIF” parent-mentor family-type orphanage Natalia YANUSHKEVICH, in whose family there are 3 children with disabilities :

– Today the students family houses with the features do not receive a pension, as it is believed that they are at full geometricheskii. The same allowance which is healthy that the sick child is the same, as sick children often require special medical equipment, special food, and funds is just not enough. So, I think we should raise the question of the return of social pensions for children with disabilities living in foster care homes. There are pro
blems with sanatorium-resort treatment of such children, as the current legislation does not provide for remuneration maintainer, but without the accompaniment of a child with a disability is unable to go somewhere. In addition, these children need more attention and need extra hands, however, while the rate of assistant teacher in the children’s homes of family type are not provided.

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