For the year she lost her parents and became an orphan.

All good day.

Wanted to ask You for help before, but could not collect my thoughts, even just to turn on the laptop.

Share your story.

My name is Christina, I am 24 years old, the year I lost my loving parents, to be more precise in nearly 10 months.

I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’ll start with mom.

December 12 my mom being behind the wheel was driving home from work, with a friend, for work. I was waiting for her with dinner at home, nothing boded trouble, and then call. accident. your mom. and everything, the whole life is turned upside down, I could not understand as well, why not mom I typed myself, why didn’t you tell that as a Yes, so she can’t talk, the ambulance took that or where she is, what to do, where to go to whom. a million questions rolled over in my head for a split second. Began to dash around the apartment, ran into the master bedroom, fell on the bed and began to sob, uncontrollably, to cry..don’t remember what happened next, remember that I called my dad and he cold voice. &qu
ot;Docha, I know, call you back, place the food on the accident”. time dragged, as it seemed to me so long. I slowly went crazy, I call again and hear my dad on the phone, he runs and begins to cry. he saw my weakened, not podchinyayutsya, on the road, mom. I screaming all. everything daughter, mom nooo, she died. here and hysterical, I started screaming I wouldn’t live without it, without the most dear Person of my life. I was lying and didn’t understand anything. came dad’s friends, he immediately took me to his home, was fed with green tea, I waited for dad. When it arrived, I saw him and could not believe my eyes, her face became black, he drank, and so I became even more scared to live, I had never seen his always pleasing life, father. Putting his arm around me, we were crying, and tremble with despair.

So dad drank since the accident about two months. I just did everything on the machine, looking for mom things, met with home mortuary, funeral, 9 days, 40. Made it a rule, if not me, then no. Dad stood up and I took all the will in a fist in the month of June went to defend the thesis. Defended. Arrived. Daddy was very happy and proud of me. And then … it started. breakdown after breakdown, alcohol, pills..cemetery. arrived by taxi at night, falling to the tomb shouted, touching the ground. Eternal swollen from crying face, I didn’t want to live, I have done for myself the task, fulfilled my mother’s dream, received the diploma of a specialist engineer. in the end, the nuthouse. A serious conversation with his father.

We started with the Pope to cost plans for the future, wanted to sell the house, the car, to go to live in Moscow, to start to live with the memory of my mother. I had a reason to live.

All this time dad was complaining that he is very bad, can’t sleep at night that mommy always before his eyes, as I strongly supported him, and also his friends. We remembered where we even laughed, rarely true..but at least happy memories..

Recently I began to notice that dad was somehow passive, ate poorly, slept during the day, night sleep was not at all..started to miss work..Started going to the doctors he started to prescribe pills like against depression and also sleeping pills for sleep. I argued with him about it, very afraid, because dad was with me always driving, noticed a loss of coordination. all this makes me very frightened. and we went with him to Church, took communion, went to confession. All is good again..if not these pills. and I believed his words, every time that he to drink they will not. “all shall be well, Daughter, I love you, won’t disappoint”

On September 17th I received a call from a neighbor. “Christina urgently come, dad died. ”

Daddy fell down the stairs at our house, broke the head, there was bleeding in the brain. The police arrived, then the investigators, mortuary, funeral. I was a military pilot, my pride, was buried in his favorite form, with shoulder straps, in the grave put his favorite model of the MiG-29. cemetery, funeral. 9 days, I held on as best he could, and now after everything, I wander around the house, empty and one can’t just imagine their future. I could be strong, but the strength in my life I have left, really. Daddy was my protection, the wall could solve all my problems, you just say the word. Docha all..I loved him very much and love..still..Only now how to live I don’t know. Nobody no brothers, no sisters, only a cat and dog.

Sorry if you lot have painted, just the cry of the soul, not to cry, I know I’m not the only one, is even worse. but it is so hard to take. nobody else calls me “Daughter”. remains just a memory and tears. where to find the strength to live on..

I would like to ask You, now what do I do how to pray for parents, what to do with things, prayers for the dead, I ordered another at the funeral, know that there are moleben. not afraid to do the right thing. Advise.

Mother’s name was Tamara, and my father Sergey.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: For the year she lost her parents and became an orphan. Please help

Dear Christina, please accept my sincere condolences. Very much you’ve been through, know you are not alone, we are always close by.

You doing good job pray for their parents, they need your prayer help.

In the Church you can besides corocotta book: Requiem for the repose of the parents, just submit a note to myself and pray. Up to forty days ( to dad ) you can read “the Akathist of adenomera”. it can be read and about mom.

The cemetery and memorial home in days read “Chin Litija for the laity”. It’s all we have on the forum viewforum.php?f=139.

Kristina, we have a prayer section where we all together pray for your parents.

Kristina, it’s hard now, but trust me – time heals all wounds. Put up your hands, you have to live. to live the way your parents wanted. Still, Christina, God all are alive .

Write. vigoureuse. not confined to himself.

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Re: For the year she lost her parents and became an orphan. Please help

Dear Kristina, good our girl! Your grief beyond words, so much for you to handle.

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