10 tips – How to disaccustom the child to sleep with parents?

To begin, let’s ask ourselves, what are the benefits of co-sleep there and what’s bad. All the same pros and cons, helping to understand the essence of the problem.

Why does a child need to sleep with mom?

Nine months you were with a toddler unified whole, breathed the same air and eat the same foods. And suddenly there comes the moment of parting is in itself quite stressful, separation from mom! Unbearable! Pediatricians around the world have come to the conclusion after the examination of many children that are healthy, calm and balanced children receive a maximum dose of bodily contact, that is, including sleeping with her mother.

In addition, co-sleeping stimulates the production of breast milk, and mom doesn’t have to get up several times during the night to the crib one day and so tired of running until he lost consciousness. All of these arguments in General can be summarized in one phrase: in the first few months, and especially weeks life of the child the mother and child are so interlinked that long distance just unbearable to both. But! This applies to first months. If the process is delayed, then:

Why does a child need to learn to sleep separately?

The first is the danger to the baby. No-no, and slipping into print a message about accidental suffocation of the infant during co-sleeping. And you can unintentionally knock it – because all women have different sleep sensitivity, and maternal instinct can manifest itself and not from the first weeks.

In addition, co-sleeping is clearly uncomfortable to be so arranged that after a long day. Especially this factor is problematic for a young Pope, who is under constant psychological pressure: he needs the presence of women, which he loses, and he needed rest, he takes the baby, claiming a significant place in the marital bed. This is the reason for such frequent flight of the fathers “on the sofa” and this is very dangerous for family relations.

Why baby sleeps with dad?

This is a special case, as it works rather a psychological mechanism rather than natural instinct. Come to daddy children older than 2 years, more often girls. This is due to the need for protection, for male attention. Yes, be not surprised, little girls understand quite clearly the difference between making love mom and dad and realize that the man is something special. No need to be scared – it is not a pathology, it is the normal development of future women. But to prevent these points need to gently and firmly, making a clear boundary between “possible” and “impossible”.

So, two years, according to experts, it is necessary to begin the process of weaning your child from co-sleeping. It is probably impossible to distinguish the methods of weaning the baby, but there are certain rules and consistent action, under which you can succeed.

10 Ways to quickly wean child to sleep with parents

1. 2-3 years – the crisis in the child’s development, during which he demonstrated his independence. Very good time to teach a baby to sleep himself. “You’re so big – he can sleep in his crib! I’m so proud of you!”

2. Separation sleep should begin to care from the first days of baby’s life. Even if he is sleeping half the night and more under sideways at mom’s day but he always falls asleep in his crib. And already the first month of the child knows is his playpen, crib, stroller. In short, there are area for kid and adult.

3. When it comes time to move decisively child in your bed, you can help him with soft toys that will allow him to preserve a sense of someone dear and loved one next. Very often these first soft toys become real friends for kids for many years, they don’t give and appreciate life. And this important educational moment.

4. Shouldn strongly clap behind the back door, leaving the baby alone. The first weeks, and even months, you need to sit down, wait for a little sleep. You can hold it with the hand, very well sing a lullaby. All these techniques soothe and give confidence in that protection is near, it will not go away.

5. Gradualism is the key to success. If the first attempts fail, you can very gradually to isolate the child, putting him first on the bed, moved up close to the parents ‘ bed, then gradually move the crib and to increase the distance to the baby. Final stage – moving the crib to another room – can be associated with a certain happy event, such as date of birth or acquisition of a new baby furniture for the baby.

6. Mode – rescue parents! Clear consistent performances in the evenings, unchanged from day to day, bring peace and stability in the perception of the world as a child. Gradually narrow the space: he runs around the apartment, then just plays in his room, finally, reads next to the bed and lies actually in bed under my mother’s lullaby. Thus, the new stage will call the child’s need for a relaxing vacation.

7. There is nothing wrong with that child, waking up early in the morning, parents will resort to “warm up”. It is natural and acceptable for almost all cultures. It does not happen daily and do not interfere with the marriage relationship.

8. Please be patient. At first the baby will just come at night. In this case, he gently to show his crib, put him and wait until he falls asleep. Gradually, it is possible merely to drop into bed and hiding. Remember – the child may Wake up and ask for help in the fulfillment of physiological needs, so do not be annoyed and strictly email it to yourself. Use the moment – and You will receive and complete rest, and the dry bed of the baby.

9. Determination to achieve results – most importantly in the implementation of the plan of weaning baby from co-sleeping. Unless the parents give up the slack, you can undo all that has been achieved previously.

10. Finally, if all efforts have failed, test their own relationship. With strong and gentle weaning any, even the fussy baby will eventually sleep separately from their parents. To keep him in the marital bed can one who does not want an intimate relationship. In this case, the conflict is much more serious, and in order not to hurt the baby and each other, you need to seek professional help.

Pleasant dreams to You and Your baby!

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