How to teach your baby to talk

To your little child started to talk immediately correct need reading him books from the cradle. Also, you need to describe to him everything that is happening around. But Lisp with a child is strictly prohibited.

When the child is a month, he makes sounds that combine consonants: “exploration”, “xxg”, and when he turns four months old, he is already very loud laughs. A six-month old baby is able to speak, combining vowels and consonants in the melodious sounds: BA-BA-BA, mA-mA-mA. He further with greater clarity could say “Papa” and “Mama”, although the meaning of these words will become clear to him closer to yearling age.

But we should not ignore, if your child already from the first months will attempt to contact you using the sounds. The more they say the child is, the sooner you will be able to teach your baby to speak. Quicker to teach a child to speak, you need to follow the simple recommendations.

How to teach your child to say:

1 . First of all, the child needs to talk. You need to describe than it is now busy parents, you can use causality (“I make mashed potatoes, then you will eat”).

2 . Also, you need to repeat for a child. Even if it repertoires only “ASU”, you need to show that you react to his words. So he will be motivated to speak more often.

3 . He needs to ask questions and wait for response. Let him answer just a laugh or a grunt. But each reply you must be interested as to ask, “Seriously?” or “how interesting!”. If a child can talk, he will talk sooner than his peers.

4 . You need to tell your child about things that are labeling their quality and color. You can use simple phrases: “red ball”, “square cube”. But if parents, for example, will show a square cube shape hands, and then put it down and say, will be much better. Form of words should be used correctly, it should be expressive.

5 . In that case, if in the speech of the kid already has some zvukopodrazhaniye words, they need to repeat after him, and then add the correct word. For example, when the baby, pointing at the plane, said “y-y-y”, you need to answer: “Yes, we were on the plane”.

6 . You should not pronounce the different reduction and hypocoristic forms. Every kid needs to hear, like the sound of all the words really to pronounce them correctly in the future.

7 . And, of course, with a toddler definitely need to read the books. And when you consider him pictures, you need to ask questions like: “Where is the elephant?”. Even a tiny infant should read simple poems for the overall development.

How to teach your baby to talk: games

To teach the child to speak, you can use a variety of games.

From birth to four months is the language development of every infant, when he listens to what parents say. What games can offer a kid?

A . You can sit back, knees should be bent, they bear a child. Need to repeat the sounds emitted by the infant, thus provoking a response. While the baby need to look into the eyes, the words ought to be free and clear. If the answer to you will be joyful squeak toddler, you need to laugh and be sure to comment “Yes?”.

B . In the second game, the child should be laid on a Mat or blanket, the game consists of rhyming in different parts of the body. You can name the various animals, for example: “this is the burrow of a badger, but Alesha’s hand!”. By repeating rhymes hands repeat movements that make the animals, and thus need to gently touch those parts of the body of the child, called.

C . For baby just need to hear lullabies and songs by my mother. They really like that. Thus they not only love the soft melody, but the words that rhythmically repeated.

At the age of five to eight months, your baby laughs out loud and melodic mumbling there. He was already able to imitate adult speech, and this should be used during the games.

D . During one of these games, your child must be in the hands of the parent who stands before the mirror. You can build funny faces with the use of the speech organs: the tongue protrudes, and they licked the upper lip, you can make an attempt to get the nose to the tip of the tongue, lips pulled into a tube, etc. Maybe not immediately, but the baby will also start to play this game.

E . You can wear the baby around the apartment, and humming a song that fits. For example, if the song is sung about the horse, you can use your voice to imitate the sound of hoofs, clapping and POWERCIAT. You need to offer your toddler repeat the sounds and the movement for you. And then to imagine yourself in the car and bulging lips, to portray the sound of his motor as protegee.

F . And you can arrange the game “cuckoo!”. Parent is hiding behind a door or under a blanket, and then, looking up, uttered this phrase. Babies of six months is extremely boring, and very soon the child himself will act as a moderator.

And when the child is approaching a year, he is already beginning to purposely pronounce “mom” and “dad”. And words, with child-friendly meaning, will be more. But for a long time lexicon kid will be filled zvukopodrazhayuschee phrases.

G . First of all, you need in games often use inheritance cries of the beasts. Props can be a mask and images depicted in the books. It will not hurt and execution of theme songs.

H . You can do puppet theater. Your child will clearly see how you can play intonations and simulate the voice. If you read the rhymes, the voice has to change from bass to soprano. Most likely, at the end of the theatrical performances of the puppet theatre will be defeated by a small audience, but it will also be part of the game.

I . And you can play the phone. You need to get two children’s phones. Better of all, if the kid will get stuffed. He’s probably already seen a few times, as parents use the phone, and also begin to put the phone to his ear, and soon he will start to say “Hello”.

J . For training of the lips is very useful to blow out the candles. Thus, your child and get ready for first birthday cake. Only in this game you must be very careful that the baby does not burned it on the fire with hands or lips.

How to teach your baby to talk: video

Offer to watch the video how to teach your child to speak independently at home. Advice and recommendations given by the physician and speech pathologist, speech therapist of the highest category.

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