Newborn baby too much crying

What is the meaning of the cry of your child?

If besides. this is your first baby, then this issue will be particularly exciting. The child grows, and you will become more experienced. You will be able to know the nature of crying that you need for your child, and he himself becomes less and less reasons for crying.

If the baby cries, you think to yourself: “if he’s Not sick. Not is he hungry? Maybe he’s wet? Maybe he has a tummy ache or is he just cranky?” You forget about the main reason of crying – fatigue. With regard to the above questions, they can find the answer.

True. that crying baby is not always possible to explain these reasons. It turns out. after 2 weeks in newborns (especially first-borns) appear daily periods of crying, which can be named anything, but it is very difficult to explain. If your child is regularly crying at the same time, in the afternoon or evening, we say that a child has colic (that means he’s in pain, gas and bloated stomach) or the period irritable crying (if his tummy is not bloated).

If your baby is crying day and night, we sigh we say that he is a very restless child. If different extreme irritability, we say that this child trigger .

But we do not know the causes of different types of behavior in newborns. It turns out that this behavior is typical for newborns and usually gradually corrected to 3 months. Perhaps all these types of behavior are but variations of one and the same state. You can only vaguely feel that the first 3 months of your baby’s life are a period of imperfect adaptation of the nervous and digestive systems to the outside world. For some children this period is easy, others difficult.

Most importantly, remember that the constant crying of your baby in the first weeks after birth is temporary and does not mean that the child is sick.

How to recognize if your hungry child?

If you feed your baby on a relatively strict schedule or on-demand, you’ll soon know what time it is particularly hungry, and at what time he simply woke up early. If in the previous feeding your child drinks very little milk and woke up 2 hours ahead of time, it is likely that he is crying from hunger. But it is also not necessary.

Often child drinks less milk than usual, and slept all of 4 hours before the next feeding.

If the child drank the usual amount of milk and woke up crying after 2 hours, most likely. what is the reason for his crying – not hunger. (If he woke up screaming after one hour after the last feeding, the most probable cause – the gases in the tummy.) If he woke up right after 2.5-3 hours, try to feed him first, and then resort to other measures.

When a child cries from hunger, you first of all thinks that you don’t have enough breast milk or if the baby is bottle-feeding. he is not enough servings of cow’s milk or formula. But this does not happen suddenly, in one day. Usually begins with the child for several days to drink all the milk and is seeking mouth.

He begins to Wake up crying a little earlier than usual. In most cases, the child begins to cry from hunger immediately after feeding only after he woke up a little earlier for the next feeding. But it turns out in accordance with the growing needs of child nutrition have increased and supply of breast milk. You need to be better and often engage in emptying the breast ,which stimulates more milk production. However, it is likely, because of fatigue or your worries for a short time the amount of breast milk can dramatically decrease. You should relax and organize a proper diet with the consumption of large amounts of fluid.

It should be remembered. in the milk penetrate different medicinal substances taken. alcohol and even the smell of garlic and onions etc. When Smoking mothers milk reveal a large number of nicotine, adversely affect the development of the newborn.

To sum up the above, what if your child desperately crying for 15 minutes or more and if it’s been over 2 hours since the last feeding or even less than 2 hours, and in the previous feeding your child drinks very little milk, so he’s hungry -feed him. If he fell asleep satisfied, then you guess his desire. If he cried less than 2 hours after drinking regular milk at the last feeding, it is unlikely that he cries from hunger.

Let him cry for about 15-20 minutes, if. of course, you can carry it off. Try to calm him a pacifier is a pacifier. And if he cries harder, try to feed him. It will not harm him. (You should not transfer the child to artificial feeding, as soon as you feel that you became a little milk. If he cries from hunger, still give him the breast.)

Maybe your child is sick.

The most frequent diseases in infancy – that colds and intestinal diseases. Here are their signs. runny nose, cough, or diarrhea. Other diseases are extremely rare. If you notice that your child not only cries, but it looks like something unusual, take its temperature and see your doctor.

Not crying is your child from the fact that he is wet or dirty?

Very few kids are concerned wet or dirty diaper. It turns out most kids just don’t notice it. However, your child won’t hurt if you just change the diaper, when he cries.

Doesn’t hurt if the midsection of your child?

Try to help the child to burp the air, even if he did it before. Should lift the baby and cuddle a little hold in a vertical position until he doesn’t burp.

Maybe your child is tired?

If your baby awake too long or if it is long among strangers or in a strange place, or, if you have played long enough, it can cause nervous tension and irritation. You expect him to get tired and soon fall asleep, but instead he couldn’t fall asleep.

If you or strangers trying to calm the child, continuing to play and talk with him, it will only worsen it.

Some children are so arranged that they can not sleep peacefully. They are so tired by the end of each period of wakefulness that their nervous system is strained, creating a sort of barrier that children must overcome before sleep. And maybe your child crying like this just need.

Some babies cry loud and desperately, and then either suddenly or gradually the crying dies down and they fall asleep.

Some children sleep better when they are left alone in a crib; to this should teach all children. But the other children calm down quickly if they gently rocked in a pram or cot, moving them back and forth (if it’s got wheels), or wear them on their hands better in a darkened room. From time to time to help your child sleep this way when he is particularly tired, but not every day.

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