Spiritual upbringing of children in the family

Every parent wants his child to grow up the most capable, the most happy, the most-most. And for this father and mother are working hard trying to give the child all the best, all what they believe is right. But if to look truth in the eye: we see less and less in modern children kindness, tolerance, love. Most of them have selfish goals in life. And for the sake of achieving their goals, they are willing to trample their brothers. This behavior is more characteristic of savages and animals than for human beings.

The question arises by itself – maybe not to that we teach our children . Maybe not the goals we tell them? The wrong way sending? In the gospel of Matthew says: ” can a good tree bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. ” (Matt.7:18) If

think logically, if our “fruits” – the lean, mean, and parents (wood) isn’t good? And instead reflect on the methods of child-rearing, only the older generation criticizes the youth. I suggest that instead of condemning to try to change the attitudes and learn the basics of the spiritual education of our descendants, unless of course you want your child to grow up decent, respectable, respected and happy.

Parenting begins with parenting

1) First of all, you need to realize that the child is not your property. Child — individuality . He belongs to no one. He has the destiny, the life program. You are not entitled to force their beliefs and views on life. But we see often as the parents do not respect their child as a person, humiliate and insult him. Not considered his opinion, thinking that they know best how to do. But even Christ said, ” enter into the Kingdom of God, until we become like children.“ Parents demand unquestioning obedience itself, but if it’s not, suppress the child. This attitude stems from selfishness. For such parents, a child – a toy, a slave, an object for manipulation. They show off their power.

A more correct relationship to your child will be the realization that he is the divine personality . which you have entrusted to educate, to help in the development, to guide them in the right direction. It does you don’t have to. He may be grateful, but not required. The fact that a higher power send the soul of a newborn in the home for his spiritual development would be better. Best from the standpoint of the soul, not comfort. For example, even if the child was placed in a dysfunctional family, this suggests. he had problems with internal discipline and harsh parents will restrain his desire and to limit it to their satisfaction. Spiritual teacher SAI Baba said, ” Man plus desires – animal, man minus desire is God!” All of modern life calls a man only to satisfy desires, making it the most important goal in life. The result — is obvious.

Respect the opinions of the child. “From the mouths of Babes the truth!” The mind of a baby is not clogged by the prejudices of society, and therefore his questions innocent and pure. While we can often answer simple questions children or just dismiss them or say any nonsense, believing that the child is too stupid to understand the truth of life.

The child will listen to those who respect it. Who treats him not as silly, but as a perfectly reasonable person. Talk to the child as with an adult, and it will be faster to learn everything. The child who finds the respect of family, to strive to find someone who will respect. He leaves the family. Out on the street and his teacher will be the one who will refer to it for the individual. So often it happens that the man in the street is closer than either parent.

The freedom to make his own mistakes

2) Let’s the freedom to make mistakes. On the one hand, many parents try to protect children from harm, not trusting him to do this or that. And some even say: “You fail, you good-for-nothing, you are little!” Thus, they create in the mind of the child is negative the program, which will poison him in adult life. Also, without admitting to the responsible business, they do not give children to grow, to move forward, to learn new things. Even if your child made a mistake, the error will be able to teach him, and next time he will not allow it. Without making mistakes, nothing is gained. But the parents, guided by the false concern, contribute to the degradation of the child. And often we see that growing up, your son or daughter, not adapted to life. And mommy doing everything for the kids, constantly protecting them from dangers in old age meets with a bad attitude. Everything happens according to the law of karma: as you sow, so shall you reap! “But how?” — argue that mother.- “I only wanted good for their children!”. Good is what promotes human development, and protecting from troubles and errors, we do not allow a person to grow, to experience life. In nature the female is guarding the baby until he grew up, and then runs it. When he is able to get food, he must leave the nest, otherwise it will become unviable. In the education of the person to act this way, of course, without going to extremes. You can help adults, but not rasurada them the help that they not sit on the neck of the parents.

Relationships with other children

3) Promote actions for other children. The first is to take the family brothers and sisters. Older children care for younger ones. The younger should obey and serve their elders. If the family has several children, for them to share with others – the usual thing. At a time when one child in the family, he grows often selfish. He used that only for him. Generally you need to be taught to share, to do unselfishly need not only to his family but also to other children and adults. Unselfishness is one of the most important spiritual qualities. If a person does something selflessly, to him be rendered in the future. Selfishness gives fast results, but bring suffering in the future. Satisfaction purchased quickly fades and therefore selfish people always need the satisfaction of their passions. Selflessness gives rise energy, happiness, flight of the soul. This state may last a very long time compared to satisfy my selfishness. Because if you want to cultivate a truly noble person, you must first teach your child to share, to respect others, to commit selfless acts, to help the weak and needy. And when the child showed a highly spiritual quality, you can be rewarded with praise or a gift

In conclusion I would like to add that R ealee education and formation of the worldview of the child occurs before puberty . When this period comes, there is separation of the child from the parents. At this moment manifest the negative quality of the person that has passed on from a past life. And if you’ve given the child the true values and qualities of virtue, invert can and not show up. You corrected his attitude and improve his fate. Try to change the person after the onset of puberty very hard, if he wants them to. Because I wish all parents not to expect manifestations of bad qualities in their children, and begin to cultivate noble qualities immediately after birth.

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