Parents and children

“Childhood ends as soon as you understand that you will die.” I sometimes think about my childhood and don’t understand how we ever survived this massacre. But then I remember that infant mortality was quite high, and I just don’t remember those who did not live to see our victory. It’s like after the war to hear about the adventures of a veteran in front of you sits a living spoiler that everything ended well, and those who are buried, they do not tell anyone anything, so there are stories about how soldatini narrowly escaped certain death, and the sad story about how during the time it was sent to the front fighter caught the stray shrapnel in the head, for example, there is no one to tell. Because the soldier died, and the rest don’t give a fuck, by and large. The mentality of the military man is very similar to the child’s mind in this respect — there is no place for serious grief and feelings, too strong emotions deliberately disabled. And after half an hour after the bombing, leaving the corpses in a trench, you can have a quiet and even have to experience some joy from the fact that the portion is more than usual today.

In General it standards, periodically vypilivaya from an overabundance of stupidity in the body of the offspring. Natural selection. After twenty years of death becomes tragic, since the identity is complicated and begins to be valuable by itself. You saw the children’s drawings? Outstanding talents it is very rare, very large. For example, children with autism who paints a complicated picture of a pencil on Whatman paper. It’s really cool, without any offensive allowance for her age. In General, almost any child’s creativity is a Downer, which is a shame to show it to anyone, especially to sculpt from this exhibition, and generally wasting time. Kids can’t write a Symphony, to create a masterpiece. They are generally more by the destruction and killings, it’s a very violent creature.

The child is a small adult. Unfinished. It has no independent value, except that it may come out a good person in the future. When the brain Matures, 18-20 years, the right child will enable a seamless transition into an independent mode of existence. For a child no good to remain a child throughout life, and there is no such possibility. It would just be childish and weak-willed adult, with a hell of complexes and phobias in the head, not ready at all to reality. Therefore, children’s drawings is a daub, incompetent and inept. But for a child, of being inept by definition, it can be a very good result. Although in General different angle.

Finally I will go to visit my parents: for the sake of objectivity it should be noted that the successive generations can, therefore, natural Tits grow Tits, reproducing what has been planted in them by their parents. This is just an attempt to be realized through the children. This is a fucking trash, if you think about it. Nobody told these assholes that when you become an adult, before you open all the doors and opportunities that no longer need to follow the rules. You need to live. “When I grew up, I realized that no adult does not exist”, Yes, you stupid asshole? Well, you’re right, in General. You’re only in the amounts added, and the pure perception of the world as a three-year old. So you can only play role-playing games, playing the role of the adult in the child’s eyes and passing by inheritance not only fucked up genetics, but also the entire set of bugs from your own head, so the probability that it will grow just the same asshole just rolls.

Whoever lives for the sake of the children were not fit to raise a child, it was obvious. People learn by example, but what example can give buried alive creature? There are no children, there are immature adults who do not understand what is happening around and continue development. As soon as the child learned to speak, refers to it with the utmost seriousness, as to the individual. This man, the crown of creation. Small, arrogant, stupid and cruel, very far from perfect. But nevertheless.

[edit ] children

I believe that the child has from an early age to get information about what banuta and harsh world he will have to live and what should be followed in order not to be like the majority, and, as we know, are idiots. In practice, the child, on the contrary, protected from reality, spyguy his young and still live wit all fairy tale nonsense.

Before slicing another man, which is already at 7 billion, think what the world will get your larva? Are you ready to make him a human and not a vegetable? You know what happens to your son in kindergarten, at school, in the army, in College, at work, on the streets? You will be able to raise him strong in all senses and at the same time to protect from the dark sides of society are idiots? Will bring him willing to stand up for themselves and not to drop human dignity in a difficult situation? Are you sure that your daughter will not fuck 13 years, will not become a slut and then not marrying some bintana, chronic alcoholics or drug addict with experience?

You will be able to make their children happy, you will be able to provide them with adequate study, you will protect them from cattle, bullying peers, alcohol, substances, floss, cult mass dullness, religious and political propaganda, unnecessary moral, social stereotypes, fucking the conscript army and other shit? Will be able to lay the Foundation for their future? I don’t see confidence in your restless eyes. If you just heard blows up your anus, then you’re not ready.

And in the appendage, and little children shout, many are sick, do not give sleep, shitting in panties, noisy, laughing and need constant care and careful handling. To this you are definitely not ready. So don’t even think about having kids. You simply will fucking hard with them, asshole. What? Chan flew, I say. Well then, you are doubly a fool.

[edit ] About the parents

Now it has become fashionable in the problems of the younger generation to blame the media. All trying to prohibit or restrict the grounds that the care of children. Several years ago there were protests in the address of the channel 2×2, a lot of angry responses to the night air channel REN-TV. Now there is a law on “protection of children from information”, you can not even go on — you know the drill. But few of these here “moral bears” tried to look for the cause in another. Parents. Here it is to such parents moralists and I Express my hatred.

Many parents believe that the child just enough time to feed, clothe, and from time to time to give incentive to kick their studies, and everything else you can shove anything: school, TV, computer. and then wonder why his precious child “becoming a hero”, after watching anime about death note. Or surprised that their baby of him on Facebook overwritten with an adult uncle. And a pile of bricks: “we Need to ban the VC!”, “VC is a hotbed of pedophiles!”. What, excuse me, the fuck are you allowed to registered your child in the adult social network? Moreover, even in the rules of the VC stated that it is not for children.

Parents often don’t give a shit how they spend their leisure rugrats, and then how much screaming to the Internet and TV. Of course, it is much easier to forbid something, they feel bad than to raise their children. Explain to them the difference between good and bad. Instead of helping to find some alternative activity for the child, where as it is easier to yell about violent games, pornography, pedophiles and their ilk.

– “What a terrible channel 2×2, what it will teach the child?”

And what it taught you?

– “What a bad game! They teach our children cruelty!”

Yes, because you, dear parents, do not teach a child that being cruel is bad.

“Baby girl killed herself because of a Japanese cartoon. Should ban these cartoons!”

And where were your parents? Why they didn’t give a fuck on Hobbies your child?

Such examples are the millions,if not billions.

And about how to behave these sacrifices a parent who gives a fuck in Internets, I generally keep quiet. Just look at any popular public Tentacled and read the comments. Or on YouTube and see another parody I asked for help or junkie Pavlik. And here is the question: to Protect children from information or information from children? And instead of using the belt to compensate for the lack of vitamin “penduline” in the blood of young talents, parents are once again accusing the Internet content. The moral of the story is: Fuck, EDUCATE their children THEMSELVES, watch what your rugrats are doing on the Internet and do not shift the care of their moral character in the media, and all will be well with you. Maybe.

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