Those were the days when young brothers – kṛṣṇa and balarāma were trained by the great sage Sandipani. They behaved as perfect disciples, serving the guru with awe and reverence, love and loyalty.

One day Krishna approached the guru and said, “O sage! We often see that your eyes are filled with tears, when you talk with us. For such grief must be a serious reason. Please share with us. Bring back the joy to the heart of the guru is the most sacred and noble service. Not Tais from us and do not hesitate”.

Sandipani pulled her brothers and, having seated them next to each other, said: “my Children, I’m glad one already, that you are in my Ashram. Looking at you, I think of the son I lost. ” And he burst out sobbing. Balarāma knelt down and asked, “so Tell us, Guruji, what happened to him and where he is, and what we would return it to you.” And that’s what told them Sandipani:

“Children! After years of asceticism, I was blessed with a son. I kept him and raised with lots of love. One day he went to Prabhasa Kshetra to commit ritual bath in the sea. He drowned when bathing. Since then my grief inconsolable. But with your appearance in the Ashram came to me joy and comfort. You are so kind, gentle, and obedient boys. I’m sad, because after a day or two you will leave the Ashram. You learned all that was necessary to study, and you do not need to be here anymore. When you leave, my pain will flare up with renewed vigor”. Krishna stood up and with folded hands, said firmly: “O best of teachers! We should thank you for what you taught us. You gave us the intricacies of the rarest of arts and Sciences. Isn’t it our duty (Dharma) is to please guru? We immediately go to Prabhasa Kshetra to find your son. If need be, we will retake it by the sea and even the God of death. Please bless us.” Sandipani was sure that these two will win. He knew they were no ordinary children. And he blessed them and allowed them to hit the road.

Balarama and Krishna hastened to the sea. Standing on the shore, they shouted loudly and insistently: “the Ocean! Immediately return the son of our guru Sandipani, otherwise you will have a severe punishment!” From these words the ocean shook with fear. He appeared before his brothers in the guise of the king of waters, touched their feet and said, “Excuse me, Reverend! Here’s not my fault. When the boy was swimming, fate caught up with him and lured into the depths. There he was attacked by a giant sea named pañcajana of living in underwater caves, and swallowed it. It’s true. Now, decide what to do”. Krishna thanked the ocean for the assistance and then dived to the bottom and found the grotto where he lived a giant. He ripped it open, but found there the remains of a boy, for the named pañcajana gave it to the God of death. In the belly of the beast was a shell, and Krishna took it and along with balarāma went to the abode of the God of death. At the entrance He blew the conch, and the God of death appeared before them. Seeing the brothers, he asked politely: “Can you tell me, what brings you here?” The boys ordered him to return his son guru Sandipani and give it to them for care. Yama replied: “of Course, I will grant your request if it will bring you joy. My servants will bring the boy and give it to you.” And after a few seconds, kṛṣṇa has already embraced this blessed child. Balarama and Krishna hurried back to the abode of the guru. They brought the master his son and said, “This is our guru Dakshina. We ask you to take her from us.” Parents ‘ happiness was indescribable. They were blessed brothers, and Sandipani pouring tears of joy, knowing what a rare gift he had: after all, his disciples were incarnations of God!

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