The Adoptive parents or the people?

My roommate Irina (name changed) grew up in a family where drunk brother, mother, father. None of them are no longer alive. Left alone in a one bedroom apartment, twenty-year-old girl took for repair, relatives and girlfriends helped her. Looking at her, I hope thought after watching drunkenness and dirt, she wants to live differently.

It soon became clear that Irene was pregnant – a fleeting relationship with a married man. The neighbors sighed: “It is better to have an abortion is done, as is not working, and was about to give birth!” But whether Irina sincerely wanted to experience the feelings of a mother, whether she just was too busy to timely interrupt unplanned pregnancy, she gave birth to a son. Manual for the care of the child till one and a half years was support for single-parent families. Somehow, with debts on a rent, a young mother with a child somehow survived the first time. And when the ended state support, Irina showed a complete failure. Permanent job she found, worked as a conductor in a taxi, the child was often hungry.

Recently, experts of bodies of guardianship and guardianship took it from Irene and sent in Solikamsk orphanage. What fate awaits three baby? Most likely, the device is in a foster home. Because it is through the creation of foster families are able to follow the slogan “Every child in the family.” And if not for people willing to take responsibility for the upbringing of children from disadvantaged families, children’s homes today would not close, and their numbers continued to grow. But paradoxically, foster parents, which, on the one hand, provide normal living conditions social orphans (mostly), with another – “unload” orphan institution, the state has not honored.


First foster family appeared in Berezniki 11 years ago. A new experience was welcomed at all levels. About the amazing people who for some reason took to their families other children, often with a “bouquet” of diseases, bad heredity, written in the press, the authorities are urged to follow their example. Big money for round-the-clock work they never paid, but treated with great respect. As the years passed. And the line between families raising publish and “state” children in society began to fade. Today is perceived as the norm, if a family is under the wing of disadvantaged children. And the state no longer bows at the waist, foster parents, they say, take the education and threatens the fist: don’t take our onerous conditions – children will select.

Two years ago the Ministry of social development of the region decided the employment relationship of adoptive dad and mom to replace civil law. Since the entries in the workbook they have no teaching experience is not, loans from banks they can’t get the word, translated into the situation of people. Appeal to the provincial authorities do not give any results.

Allowance for foster children today does not reach the minimum wage: it is from 4428 to 5369 rubles a month, while the minimum subsistence level for the fourth quarter of 2010 provided for a toddler in the amount 5073 roubles, to schoolboys – 6181 ruble. On a personal appeal Berezniki delegation to the Minister of social development of the region Ekaterina Berber foster parents received the answer that it is incorrect to compare the benefits and a living wage. And the fact that adoptive mothers and fathers have to provide for the foster children in their blood, authorities believe quite correct.


We had been in foster care and did some arithmetic.

On weekdays, the power school student 113 is provided rubles. Breakfast in the school cafeteria costs 45 rubles, then for lunch and dinner remains to 34 rubles. It’s not much for a growing body. For medicines, personal hygiene items, toys, books and cultural events per month on average allocated 200 rubles. It is unlikely that money can be cured even slight colds. And if a child is seriously ill, is injured? Such cases are not provided. On average each month on food, clothing, shoes, bed linen for the child in a foster family, parents receive 4900 rubles. I wonder how many will remain on the power after purchasing jackets, boots, pants? But the child still need to mow is 200 rubles, on a class field trip to the cafe to give the same…

– One of our adopted child urgently need a tutor for English, when he was transferred to another school, another had the surgery, it took a long period of treatment, says the mother of five children, two of whom are foster, Vera Kuznetsova. – Children are engaged in music school – all this requires money. Of course, child benefit for all is not enough. Undermined my husband and I can do tutoring, shooting, custom, setup of computers and antennas. Parents support us milk, meat, vegetables from their farms, but money is still not enough. And how to handle those who have no such help?

Tatiana Perepelkin, who has three adopted children, too, had to look for jobs: is a circle needlework, wash floors. Care the bills leave less time for the foster children.

– The money issue today – a sore point – says Tatiana G. in order not to infringe on the rights of the child, I have to restrain myself. I have their adult children who want to help. To breathe would be freer, not to be loaded with a financial problem, to smile more foster children. Among ordinary people the impression that the times adoptive parents are worried about money, then take the child for the money. My earnings per hour of work is only 7.5 thousand rubles. Not so much, isn’t it?


Psychologically crushes on foster parents and that translated into civil law relations they lost the right (not strange if the pun?) on vacation and have no right to hurt. Sick leave not paid. If mom full of foster family put in the hospital, the kids stay with dad, and if incomplete – they are temporarily satisfied with other families or in children’s home. Livelihood at this time, the foster mother will not receive. Utilities, subject to registration of adopted children, their parents pay out of pocket. The state shifted on their shoulders the lion’s share of the costs. The new amendment to housing legislation again does not support, and runing a foster family.

Until recently, the adoptive parents could let go of an adult child in an independent life, because after 18 years, the state allocated orphan housing, if by this time approached the queue to receive it. Now housing the child can obtain only after graduation, years of 23rd. And where he should live? Of course, the adoptive parents will not kick you out. And again in their work will save, because when the child turns 18, they will not be able to obtain, as before, for his education fee in the amount of 2.5 thousand rubles, and only 1 thousand rubles for post-orphanage support.

Because of all these unpopular measures, outright disrespect for the work of foster parents, many of them say that they will raise those children for whom took responsibility, and more take the education will not be. And who will run the program “Every child in the family”? Mean, as you know, pays twice. It would not have had to open a new children’s homes in which child maintenance is much more expensive than the family. And the saddest thing is that a similar attitude to the foster parents, the authorities deprived the orphaned children the opportunity to tell someone important words “Papa” and “Mama”, at least in a foster home.

P. S. Foster parents Berezniki appealed to the State Duma with a request to amend the Federal law on guardianship and custody, and received the answer: individuals have no right to amend the law, such an initiative may address the Legislative Assembly of the province. Appeals to the legislature, to the Governor, to authorized representatives of the region on human rights and child led to one result: the letters “lowered” in the Ministry of social development of the region. At the legislative level, the problem is not solved.

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