First medical examination of the child

Within twenty-four hours after birth, neonates are the first medical examination. Ask permission to be present at it. You learn a lot about the body

her newborn and will understand that the doctor checks. Let’s go through the first check your baby from head to toe.

Your doctor is your first impression about the General health of your child, just by looking at him. He was born preterm, post-term, or just in time? Is he in the position of the frog that indicates good muscle tone? Attentive if he is active, pink, healthy, and normal breathing?

Then, your doctor examines the child’s head to ensure there are no anomalies, and can provide you all perfectly normal bumps and seals on the head of a newborn. Soft whether flat springs? Measured coverage of the head and compared to the norm, to check, proportional if the baby’s head the length of its body and weight.

Positiv flashlight into the eyes of a child, your doctor checks cataract (lens opacity) or internal diseases of the eye. Normal size eyes? Your doctor will reassure you that a few broken capillaries in the whites of your child’s eyes will disappear in a few weeks. (Sometimes swollen eyelids of a newborn baby hamper a thorough eye examination, your doctor may wait it out for inspection a few days.)

Checking whether wide nasal passages to provide access of air, the doctor proceeds to the inspection of the oral cavity of the child. Not too tightly, the tip of the tongue attached to the floor of the mouth, which can interfere with a good latch while nursing? (Usually too firmly adherent to the tip of the tongue is left alone, because in most cases he is released over time, as the frenulum stretches. In recent years, however, I had to cut the membrane called the frenulum of the tongue, directly under the tip of your tongue if it is too tight and the baby can’t breastfeed. This painless procedure that is performed right in the office and takes only one minute, facilitates breastfeeding.) Fully formed heaven (the dome of the mouth)?

Positiv in ear canal, your doctor can tell whether they are formed. The appearance of the external ear (auricle) is very different in children. Some ears close to his head; others have folded; the third stick out to the sides. When the cartilage in the ears of your child will harden, they become more beautiful form. Abrasion on the earlobes is normal.

Watch how your doctor feels your fingers the neck of the child, to check for any abnormal lumps, and clavicle, which are very often broken during a difficult delivery. Then the doctor listens to the baby’s heart to determine if pathological noise and the deviation of the heart rate, which can indicate defects of the structure, and also leads the stethoscope on the chest of the child, to make sure that the air goes into the lungs and out of them as expected.

Then the fingers move on the tummy. The doctor palpates (feels) the vital organs (liver, spleen, kidney ) under a thin muscle belly of the child, determines their size and figures out the correct location they occupy; the doctor also checks that there are no pathological seals in the abdominal cavity.

Then the inspection of the genitals. Is it normal vaginal hole? Vaginal discharge resembling egg white, often tinged with blood, completely normal. Fell whether both testicles? There are no hernias (released to the surface of the intestines under the skin of the groin?

Checked anus to find out sarashina whether it is properly positioned. The doctor may also ask you or the nurses if there was already a child chair.

Examining the groin, the doctor will take the baby’s hip and will rotate them around the hip joints. He checks that there are no congenital dislocation of the hip, which is easily diagnosed and treated in the newborn period, but later diagnosed and treated harder. While the doctor’s hands on the hips of the child,

note that the doctor puts a finger in the middle of the groin of the child, checking the pulse of the femoral artery. The force of the pulse in these large arteries gives an idea of what the exhaust from the heart blood vessel is wide enough.

Now browse to the legs that are curved arc, which is totally normal, and then to the feet, which quite naturally curved inwards, but if the front half of the foot is folded inwards too much compared to the rear half (this is called clubfoot), may require straightening of the foot by applying gypsum even in the neonatal period. Toes are always a curious sight. Webbed, too long and finding each other is a common heritage. Can also be checked reflexes your newborn, but by the end of this examination from head to toe, your doctor will already have a General idea about the development of the nervous system of your child.

Meanwhile your doctor reads generic records to ensure that there were no complications that may require special attention. Visible card of the mother and the records of nurses. The doctor also looks at what the child’s blood group to determine whether there is likelihood of the presence of incompatibility between the blood of mother and child, which can lead to abnormal jaundice.

This completes the usual examination of the newborn. Depending on the particular circumstances at birth or detected abnormalities your doctor may carry out additional inspection or assign tests. While you are in hospital, your baby’s doctor and caring for your nurses will help you get started with child care, especially feeding. In addition to the examination of the newborn an important part of mandatory newborn care in the hospital is the conversation I referred to as “conversation with the statement”. Make a list of all their questions and concerns that you would like to share with the doctor before leaving the hospital. On the day of your discharge, your doctor will answer these questions, discuss with you all your fears and acquaint you with what to expect upon returning home. In addition, be sure find out how to contact their doctor and day of your first appointment at the clinic.

The first examination of the newborn is also very special to your doctor. He just met a new man; did your long friendship. This is the first inspection in a long series of meetings, during which parents, the doctor and the child is gradually transformed into a single command.

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