Read a book with Caution – children!

I have three children. Two gave birth, only one raised. Eldest son Ivan is already twenty-seven, of which sixteen he spent with me. For me he’s still the same eleven-year-old boy who once said to his father, that he’d married me. Medium, Bob, soon to be thirteen. Teen in bloom. Youngest daughter of the Seraphim – four years. Salobrena, a spoiled beauty, later dad’s happiness.

I must say – I don’t understand children. I have no psychological or pedagogical education, so they can understand. I didn’t even try to understand these creatures that have my features. I just love them. To madness, to shiver in his hands and cognitively impaired. Unconditionally.

Am I eligible to give advice? No, of course. No. I always done what you want? If we as parents knew how…

Have I read books on child-rearing-nutrition-education-development? Read. It did me any good? Never. In any of the situations.

Did I have an inferiority complex as a mother? Yes every day, had only to leave the house. For the past sixteen years. First, I asked endless questions about the eldest son – and why he is with you, and how you took it, and what your relation to the child, and as agreed? Then about the middle – why me, why is saying a lot, why goes to this school and not in another, why do you allow him this, why not allow it? Now experiencing all the problems of a children’s sandbox already with my daughter.

That’s exactly why I wanted to write this book – for those who knows nothing about children and don’t know any recipes parenting. For those moms who are tired of the advice and only want the children grew up happy.

In this book – history. My, strange, different. Children, parents, grandparents, teachers… I specifically was searching through the books and on the Internet, collecting the advice of “professionals”: how to do, how to behave, how to act. And immediately remembered how in this case the very behaved. Of course, not as it should be.

Yes, I am wrong, zapoloshno, chaotic, disturbing, incoherent, hysterical mother. But for the child – any, and his, and others – I will give my life, heart, liver, soul, all that I have. Because just for the sake of their happiness live and breathe. In the truest sense of the word. And still smiling. Every day.

Daddy’s little girl. How to behave?

It is considered that all fathers dream about his son to play hockey, go fishing, talk like a man… It’s a myth – fathers dream of a daughter. “This woman will love me always”,  ‘ said my husband, when he took her into his arms.

Psychologists in one voice say that, how is the relationship of the daughter with the father depends on her future love life. And they say that daughters are more like dad than mom. That their father is more important than the mother in all senses – with the fathers of the girls soon share the secrets. What should I do dad? Every minute, no, preferably every second to admire her daughter – she is the most beautiful, the most tender, the most-most. And then the girls will be properly formed self-esteem. Dad girl – the ideal man, and the husband she will look up, examining it features the father.

Don’t know whether it’s true or not. Know that girls are very upset about leaving his father. And daughter – the heavy anchor that keeps the man in the family, even if he long ago started to leave. I know that my daughter always dad’s and mom’s never. Even the term does not. There are sissy. Both boys and men really are more attached to their mothers than to their fathers, despite the notorious fishing.

Yes, a man full of happiness just needed a daughter. It is my firm conviction. Daughter succeeds at something can never be his wife: to teach the Pope to treat a woman is to understand her mood, attitudes, hints, to anticipate needs and to indulge whims. Because if the kid something will fail, it will do huge eyes in a second filled with such bitter tears, so hard to breathe that the Pope just stop the heart, and he will run, rush, rush, get the moon, just to please this little actress who, of course, immediately tears will dry and will be watching the Pope, but so that he did not notice.

One friend, a dad of two daughters-pogodok – five and four years old, told me how he bought exactly the same plush dogs, specifically checked that the spots were in one place, the tails are the same size, and ears that stuck out to one side. Because if something will not match her daughter throw a tantrum, claiming that the other dog better and plushevii.

– You know they can tell them apart! Paw! One on the paw spot a millimeter more than the other! So they decided that one dog is a girl and another boy. And now the younger requires that I also bought her a dog-boy, and older requires a dog-girl. Every evening they bring me their dogs and show you the differences. And interestingly, my wife also believes that dogs are different, but I cannot see it! I see horrible Chinese wool, which has already started

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